History of the Piano

Welcome to the Virtual Piano Museum. We are attempting to give you a very brief overview of the development of the piano and a few pictures of some of the important pianos in history.

The pictures and text in the Virtual Piano Museum are copied with permission from Piano, A Photographic History of the World's Most Celebrated Instrument, by David Crombie, published by Backbeat Books. This book is a beautiful volume of pictures and piano history.

  • Cristofori marks the beginning of the Piano, although there were many keyboard instruments before.
  • Viennese pianos were known for their light clean tone and quick action.
  • English developed their pianos into bigger more substantial instruments with a larger tone.
  • Square piano was the mainstay of the piano industry at the turn of the Century.
  • Modern piano as we know it in all its glory!
  • Art case pianos are pianos with exceptional cases.
  • Avant-garde and experimental designs have made their way into pianos like everything else.
  • Upright pianos have seen many changes since they were first grand pianos set on end.

A Fact sheet about the history of pianos

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For help in dating and find information on older pianos particularly European pianos see Piano Gen by Bill Kibby.


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