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Online Industry Directory • Search our database of companies in the piano industry. Includes manufacturers, supply companies, and companies that offer specialized services to piano technicians.

Career Information • Download a piano technology career brochure and find training opportunities.

CAUT Website • College and University Technicians Professional Online Community 

Piano Learning Center • Find lesson plans, worksheets, game and activities for piano teachers and students.

Ask An Expert • Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about pianos, or ask one of your own.

Piano Care • Learn how to care for your piano. Includes information from piano service: brochures and technical bulletins along with technical drawings.

Buying a Piano • Find information that will help you prepare for buying a piano.

Music Research & Advocacy • Information about the benefits of music education and how to support music education.

MusicLink - The MusicLink® Foundation helps children who cannot afford music lessons and materials. The MusicLink Foundation's network of coordinators, teachers, and business partners is a link for creating musicians, one student at a time. Contact MusicLink if you have an instrument you would like to donate.

For Pianists •  Find links to information about composers, learning to play the piano, pianists, and piano products.

History of Pianos • View our virtual piano museum with examples of historical pianos in text and pictures.

Technician Resources • Find links to information about piano technology and technician organizations around the world.

Books • Find lists of books related to piano tuning, repair, history, design and construction, famous pianists, and more.

Organs & Historical Keyboard Instruments • Links to information sites. 

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