Music Research & Advocacy

Everyone can benefit mentally, physically and socially from playing the piano or any other musical instrument. Children can achieve higher grades in school. Adults can experience lower stress levels and less memory loss. And, scientists continue to find new connections between playing music and cognitive learning, emotional health and social skills .

Music Research

NAMM - Research Briefs: Did You Know?  Short summaries of some of the latest research on how music education and musical approaches to teaching impact math, science, language arts, and more.

NAMM Foundation  An excellent clearinghouse for music research and advocacy materials.

National Piano Foundation  Research specific to learning to play the piano.

Recreational Music Making Program  Geared towards adults who want to play for fun.

Wanna Play?  Find benefits by age group.

NPR - Music and the Brain  Listen to a "Talk of the Nation" broadcast describing how music affects your brain.

Music Advocacy

NAMM "Just Play" Music Advocay Campaign  PSAs, posters, videos
Video PSAs -  No More Excuses - Bring More to Life  Downloadable brochures and advocacy kits.

VH1 Save the Music Foundation  An organization dedicated to restoring instrumental music programs.

National Association for Music Education  Information and resources for educators and advocates.

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