General Questions about PTG

FAQ for PTG members

1. What is an RPT?  A Registered Piano Technician (RPT) has passed a series of rigorous examinations on the maintenance, repair, and tuning of pianos.  Only RPTs are authorized by The Piano Technicians Guild to display the logo containing the words “Registered Piano Technician." 

2. Where do my membership dues go?  As a non-profit professional association, our goal is to return most or all of the funds collected back to the membership through benefits and services.  The monthly technical publication The Piano Technicians Journal, business aids, marketing materials, advertising, and educational programs are a few of the ways we accomplish this task.

3. Can I advertise that I am a PTG member?  Yes, PTG strongly encourages members to advertise their affiliation. Guidelines on the proper way to go about advertising your membership will be sent to you in your membership packet or can be requested by contacting the Home Office at 913-432-9975.

4. Will the PTG train me?  PTG has, as one of its core components, opportunities for continuing education.  It must be emphasized that the Piano Technicians Guild does not have the resources to offer complete schooling in the field of piano technology. Unless fortunate enough to have extended instruction from a private tutor, those entering the trade need to enroll in a good residence-school course or a comprehensive correspondence course in piano technology to gain basic training. PTG can and does offer opportunities to expand one's knowledge base and develop competency in specialized areas of piano technology.

5. Do I have to attend chapter meetings?  While not required, participation in chapter meetings is vital to getting the most out of your membership in PTG. Chapter meetings are the foundation to advancing your career through networking and education.

6. What happens at a typical chapter meeting?  Each chapter develops its own collective personality from the membership.  Therefore, a "typical" chapter meeting varies widely depending on the technicians involved.  A technical presentation usually accompanies any chapter business that needs to be discussed.  Technical presentations can range from basic tuning principles and techniques to installing a new soundboard.  This depends on the expertise of the members of that particular chapter.  Chapters are encouraged to bring in technical advisers from the various manufacturers, dealerships, and parts suppliers.

7. When, where and what time are the meetings held?  Times and places for chapter meetings are set by the individual chapter and are intended to best serve the interests and preferences of the chapter members.  Contact a chapter officer or visit the chapter web pages through for more information on your local chapter. Click here to see a list of chapters.

8. Will I be pressured to join?  There is never pressure to join PTG.  Membership in PTG is designed and intended to benefit the individual technician.  The opportunities presented to you are there to help further your career and abilities as a piano technician.  Hopefully, you will see the benefit of joining the organization after experiencing everything from the camaraderie of the members to the possibilities for career advancement by pursuing your RPT status.

9. When can a Member take the exams?  Candidates may apply for the RPT exams at any time, but they must pass the written exam prior to attempting either the technical or the tuning exam. 

10. Are there study materials available for the exams?  Yes, both Tuning and Technical Exam Source Books and other materials are available in the PTG online store. In addition, many chapters and the PTG offer exam prep classes and study sessions for members.

11. What is the cost of the exams?  There is no cost for the written exam.. The technical and tuning exams cost $180 each. 

12. Is the PTG regulated by the state or federal government?  The field of piano technology is an unregulated trade. Therefore, the Piano Technicians Guild has set its own standards of quality for piano technicians. PTG is not a union but does maintain compliance with all state and federal regulations required of a non-profit professional association.

13. Does the PTG set prices for piano tuning and other technical work?  No, PTG adheres to our antitrust guidelines and does not set prices for piano tuning or other technical work.

14. How do I join PTG?  Click here to join online.  If you prefer to have a membership information packet mailed to you, fill out the form on the How to Join the Piano Technicians Guild page, or contact the PTG Home at or 913-432-9975.

15. Can my membership application be rejected for any reason?  Applications may be rejected for failing to meet certain criteria. Please contact the PTG Home Office at or 913-432-9975 for more information. 


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