Books - Buying a Piano

Complete Idiots Guide to Buying a Piano
Mary Flinn & Jennifer Flinn   2008
A fair and unbiased process for educating the public to the world of piano and how to make the right selection
How to Buy a Good Used Piano Book and Video
Willard Leverett, RPT
If you have any interest in buying a piano, new or used, this book will help you learn how to screen out the bad and recognize the good - upright, spinet and grand pianos. This step-by-step video shows you how to inspect a piano and detect problems with the soundboard, pinblock, strings, bridges, keys, action, dampers, pedals, case and veneer.
The Piano Book
Buying & Owning a New or Used Piano
Larry Fine, RPT   2001
For twenty years the standard consumer guide to buying a new or used piano. How a piano works, debunking myths told by salespeople, how to shop for a new piano and negotiate price, ratings and comparisons of new pianos, how to inspect a used piano and estimate its value, piano moving, storage, and servicing. 100 line drawings. Foreword by Keith Jarrett.
The Piano Book Supplement 2006-2007
Larry Fine, RPT   2006
The "Blue Book" of pianos. Contains list prices for 4,000 models of new piano and suggestions on how to estimate "street" prices. Also contains a cumulative update to descriptions of manufacturers and models since publication of the Fourth Edition of The Piano Book.

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