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Edition Bochinsky Publishers
Technical Books about music in German
Verlag Erwin Bochinsky maintains a large collection of German Language Technical Books about musical instruments including the piano.
Longitudinal Modes In Piano Strings
James F. Ellis, RPT   2006
A detailed description of observation, study, research and experimentation into the mechanisms that excite longitudinal modes in piano strings. Also includes practical methods for reducing longitudinal ringing. 78 pages, spiral-bound.
The Making of a Steinway Concert Grand
James Barron   2005
A Noble Art
Three Lectures on the Evolution And Construction of the Piano
Fanny Morris Smith   2005
New Grove Musical Instrument Series
Philip Belt   1988
The Piano - Its Acoustics
W. V McFerrin   1972
A scientific study of piano design and design principles. Scale design.
The Piano Key and Whippen
Walter Pfeiffer   1967
A highly technical book translated from German. This book does a mathematical analysis of action geometry and action designs.


Piano Tone Building
Del Fandrich, RPT   
A 2006 updated, redesigned version of the classic reference on the elements of piano tone. Based on discussions of piano building that took place from 1916 through 1919, this book was created to document these meetings between piano manufacturers, suppliers and technical experts. In addition to the technical community--manufacturers, engineers and piano technicians--Piano Tone Building will intrigue everyone whose interest in the piano goes beyond banging out a few tunes on the family upright.
Theory and Practice in Piano Construction
William Braid White   1975
Treatise on the Art of Pianoforte Construction
Samuel Wolfenden   1984


A comprehensive book about all aspects of designing and building a piano. From plate design to string scaling this book lays out the principles that have lasted for years.


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