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88 Keys
The Making of a Steinway Piano
Miles Chapin   2006
This handsome volume takes you inside the process of building a Steinway, from the selection of the woods through the construction of the soundboard and keyboard, from the manufacture of the piano's rim and case through the building of the metal harp that holds the strings, and to the final assembly and finishing. Along the way are sections on history and physics (good tone doesn't just happen) and a useful glossary.
The Art of the Piano
Its Performers, Literature and Recordings
David Dubal   2005
But You Can Feel It
Emil B. Fries, RPT   1980
Here is the life story of Emil B. Fries, from his boyhood in a log cabin, through his struggles for education, to international recognition in vocational training of the visually impaired in piano technology. Many photos.
Dear Doctor Piano
Ken Burton, RPT   1993
A humorous look at a piano tuners life. Answers to questions posed to a piano tuner over year of service. Dispells some of the common myths.
Forever Music
A Tribute to the Gift of Creativity
Edith Schaeffer   1986
A story of a pianist, a piano, and a piano technician.
Grand Obsession: A Piano Odyssey
A Piano Odyssey
Perri Knize   2008
One woman's search for the perfect piano sound.
My Favorite Intermissions
Lives of the Musical Greats, and Other Facts you Never Knew You Were Missing
Victor Borge (Author), Robert Sherman (Author), Thomas Winding (Illustrator)   1971
Notes of a Piano Tuner
Denele Pitts Campbell, RPT   1998
While servicing pianos in the back road of the Arkansas Ozarks, Campbell relates her musings on the people and the work.
The Piano
A Piano Technicians Guide for the Piano Owner
Phil Gurlik, RPT   1985
This book was written by a piano technician (Phil Gurlik, RPT) for his clients, to teach them about the instrument they love and cherish, and inform them about the services available from their piano technician to protect and enhance the value and playability of their piano. Now in its Fourth Edition, it includes update additions by Randy Potter, RPT, as well.
Piano Lessons
Music, Love, and True Adventures
Noah Adams   1997
The difference between the piano lessons Noah Adams took and the ones most of us took was that he was 51, not 7, and -- lucky Noah -- his mother didn't make him practice. This is not only a delightful account of his twelve-month nose-to-the-grindstone attempt to learn to play the $11,000 Steinway he bought on a whim, but also the story of his many-year process of falling in love with music and its history.
Piano Nomenclature
Asian Edition
Schimmel   1998
This practical guide for identifying piano parts includes vocabulary in four languages: English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese Taipei. Based on the original Piano Nomenclatur by Nikolaus Schimmel H.K. Herzog, the Asian version includes the same charts, vocabulary and numbers as the European language version. 64 pages. Softcover. Limited quantities available.
Piano related magazines
Amazon offers a selection of piano related magazine subscriptions.
The Piano Shop on the Left Bank
Discovering a Forgotten Passion in a Paris Atelier
Thad Carhart   2002
A delightful story of a reporters encounter with quirky piano rebuilders in Paris.
N. Schimmel   1983
This is a reference book with pictures of piano parts and their names in German-English-French-Italian-Norwegian-Spanish. An important reference for dealing with technical literature in many languages.
The Making of a Steinway Concert Grand
James Barron   2006
Pianos Piano Tuners and Their Problems
George W. Booth   1996
Reprints about Pianos from Music Trades Magazine
Amazon has many reprints from Music Trades magazine about many different subjects.
A Romance on Three Legs
Glenn Gould's Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano
Katie Hafner   2008
“This book is about the oldest human intoxicant, the quest for perfection. Katie Hafner describes in fascinating detail the entire human apparatus—teachers, tuners, piano builders, sound engineers, impresarios—that made possible Glenn Gould's singular art. With the narrative force of fiction she explores the uncertain territory where unbridled artistic imagination meets the limits of an instrument, and shows us the emotional costs.”—Thad Carhart, author of The Piano Shop on the Left Bank
String Around My Finger
Rolland Stiefel, RPT   1985


The life story filled with faith of leading piano tuner, Rolland Stiefel and his life of faith and music. Rolland was a long time member of PTG.

The Wonders of the Piano
The Anatomy of the Instrument
Catherine C. Bielefeldt   1984
Tone Deaf and All Thumbs?
An invitation to music making for late bloomers and non-prodigies
Frank R. Wilson   1987
Wilson is a neurologist who starting playing the piano later in life. He discusses how the brain learns and why music making is valuable to us all.


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