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Cembalobau/Harpsichord Contruction
Martin Skowroneck   
The German Harpsichord maker Martin Skowroneck is one of the pioneers of historical instrument building. The study and restoration of original instruments has led him to attempt to recover many of the working methods of the old masters. Based on his own practical experience, this book focuses on many important aspects of building in the historical manner. His construction principles, working methods and the selection of materials are explained in depth and rounded off with numerous tips from the craftsman's workshop. 270 pages. 24 plates. Text in English and German.
De Clavicordio Volume VI
Proceedings of the International Clavichord Symposium
Various   1995
Harpsichord Clearing House is the exclusive representative in the United States for this series of important books, each volume well illustrated and full of articles by leading scholars, builders and performers.
The Harpsichord Clearing House
This site has many books about harpsichords including many out of print and hard to find books.
The Harpsichord Owner`s Guide 
Edward L. Kottick   
A clear, concise, up-to-date guide to buying, maintaining, and tuning this instrument that includes a short history and discussion of the different types of harpsichord and their use in different kinds of music. Paperback
A History of the Harpsichord
This richly illustrated volume traces 600 years of harpsichord design and construction.
Edward L. Kottick   2003
A History of the Harpsichord brings together for the first time more than 200 photographs, illustrations, and drawings of harpsichords in public museums and private collections throughout Europe and the United States. Edward L. Kottick draws on his extensive technical knowledge and experience as a harpsichord builder to detail the changing design, structure, and acoustics of the instrument over six centuries. The book is clothbound and comes with an accompanying audio CD featuring performances on many of the instruments discussed.
Playing the Harpsichord Expressively
Mark Kroll   
Mark Kroll has a written a book to teach the art of expressive harpsichord playing to those who have had some experience on the instrument, and also to pianists and organists who want to play this repertoire on the instrument for which it was composed. Presented together with quotes from the most important primary sources on the instrument, the book contains more than 100 musical examples in an easily accessible format and an extensive bibliography.


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