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Historical Tuning of Keyboard Instruments
Robert Chuckrow, Ph.D.   
Learn the essential concepts necessary to understand historical tunings. Chapter topics include: About Vibrations, The Pythagorean System of Tuning, Tuning the Pythagorean Scale, Just Tuning, Equal Temperament, Intervals, Cents, and Commas, Meantone Temperament, and Well Temperament. Very little knowledge of music theory or mathematics is required to appreciate this book. 74 pages.
How Music Became a Battleground for the Great Minds of Western Civilization
Stuart Isacoff   2003
With the existing literature tending to bog down in mathematical theory or historical tuning methods, Isacoff bravely attempts to make this seemingly arcane topic interesting to the general reader. He distills the mathematics and music theory into their simplest essences, and draws apt analogies from the everyday. He also generously peppers the text with the quirks and escapades of its more flamboyant central characters; the relevance of the information is often tenuous at best, but Isacoff has obviously done his homework, and he can be forgiven some frivolity.
A handbook for tuning harpsichords and fortepianos, with tuning techniques and tables
Owen Jorgensen, RPT   1981
This is Mr. Jorgensen's small book of many of the most useful historical temperaments and directions for tuning them.
Containing the Perfection of 18th Century Temperament, the Lost Art of 19th Century Temper
Owen Jorgensen, RPT   1991
An enormous book containing directions for tuning historical temperaments both by ear and using electronic equipment. This book is the granddaddy of books with nearly every conceiveable historical tuning. Out of print and difficult to find.
Tuning the Historical Temperaments by Ear
A manual of eighty-nine methods for tuning fifty-one scales on the harpsichord, piano, and
Owen Jorgensen, RPT   1977
The first of Mr. Jorgensen's books with directions for tuning historical temperaments. Out of print and difficult to find.



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