Books - Kids

Anatole and the Piano
Eve Titus   1990
Anatole, the conductor of the Mouse Symphony Orchestra, travels deep inside a grand piano to solve a perplexing problem. Pre-school level
Arthur Plays the Blues
A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 29
Marc Brown   2003
Arthur has a new piano teacher, the reknowned Dr. Fugue. After his teacher "fires" him, Arthur needs to decide how much he wants to learn to play the piano -- and then trys to win back his teacher.
Blind Boone - Piano Prodigy
A Biography
Madge Harrah   2003
An introduction to the remarkably gifted but no longer widely known African-American pianist. Age 9-12
The Cat Who Loved Mozart
Patricia Austin, Henri Sorensen (Illustrator)   2001
The music of Mozart creates a special friendship between a girl and her new pet. Ages 4-8
Gus and Grandpa and the Piano Lesson
Claudia Mills, Catherine Stock (Illustrator)   2004
Gus has a hard time with his piano lessons until Grandpa shows him how to get the music in his fingers. Ages 4-8
Henry the Steinway and the Piano Recital
Sally Coveleskie, Peter Goodrich, Laura Friedman   2002
It's almost time for the yearly recital in the big hall, but poor Ana just isn't ready. She keeps forgetting the notes and the rhythm--it doesn't seem as if she can play at all. Her teacher says practice, practice, practice, but Ana doesn't think that will help. And then.HER PIANO SPEAKS TO HER! "My name is Henry. Henry the Steinway," he says so kindly. And, with his help, Ana knows she can learn to make beautiful music! A gentle story that will stimulate youngsters' imaginations--and encourage children to reach for their goals, no matter how far away they seem.
Henry the Steinway Tours the World
Sally Coveleskie, Peter Goodrich, Laura Friedman (Illustrator)   2005
Summer is here and Ana and HENRY THE STEINWAY are about to embark on a great adventure! Ana's father, the famous concert pianist, is taking them an exciting world tour, to premier new music written by his friend and composer Grace. Ana, along with her best friend, Lily, travel to Buenos Aires, Paris, London, Tokyo, Hamburg and Los Angeles.
La Leçon de piano de madame butterfly
Susanne Janssen   2000
L'auteur se remémore les leçons de piano chez madame Butterfly: les pianos partout, l'excentrique musicienne, la pizza qu'elle faisait, etc. Un portrait originale et des illustrations singulières, avec du mouvement et en plongée.
The Living Piano
Barrie Carson Turner   1998
Provides background on the instrument's history and how it is made and played, biographies of 10 composers, a brief gallery of great musicians and an index. All Ages
Tricia Tusa   1986
Miranda loves to play Bach, Haydn, and Mozart - until the day she discovers boogie-woogie, a day her family quickly regrets. Ages 4-8
Mozart Finds a Melody
Stephen Costanza   2004
Ages 4-8
Mr. Silver and Mrs. Gold
Dale Borman Fink, Shirley Chan   1980
Two old people become friends and share many activities together. The piano plays a big part in this.
Mrs. Merriwether`s Musical Cat
Carol Purdy   1997
A cat named Beethoven inspires the students of a dedicated music teacher to play their best. Ages 4-8
Music Box: The Story of Cristofori
Suzanne Guy, Donna Lacy   1998
My Friend the Piano
Catherine Cowan, Kevin Hawkes (Illustrator)   1998
Ages 4-8
Nana Hannah`s Piano
Barbara Bottner, Diana Cain Bluthenthal (Illustrator)   1996
When Nana Hannah twists her ankle and needs cheering up, her grandson moves in for a week and is inspired to learn a song and discovers that maybe there is more to life than baseball. Ages 4-8
Nate the Great and the Musical Note
Marjorie Sharmat, Craig Sharmat   1991
Miniature detective Nate the Great has yet another case to solve. Rosamond turns a phone message from Pip's mother into a music lesson with a secret meaning and Nate steps in to solve the mystery. Ages 4-8
Now I love music practice
Ron Ottley   
I think the only way a reluctant student will become an enthusiastic student is for them to have a change of heart. They need to experience a fundamental change in their attitude. They need an emotional experience or an emotional involvement that will change the way they think about music and practicing. The desire to learn and the willingness to practice has to come from within them. In short, they need to be inspired.
The Piano - What in the World
Nick Healy   2005
A Piano for Julie
Eleanor Schick   1984
A young girl and her father search for the perfect piano. Pre-school
Piano with a Soul
Richard Krzys, Ann Hewitt (Contributor), Jan Strock (Illustrator), David Byrne (Illustrato   2003
Anxious to honor her mother's memory by learning to play Beethoven's "Für Elise" on the piano, Elise soon discovers that the instrument her grandmother has purchased has a soul of its own. Ages 4-8
Pianos from Start to Finish
Made in the USA
Stephen Currie, Kathy Mclaughlin (Illustrator)   2006
Pick up your special visitor's pass and come along on a tour of the Steinway piano factory in Queens, New York! Find out how pianos are made, from treating the wood to installing the strings to final tuning. You'll never look at pianos in the same way again!
Polly and the Piano
Carol Montparker   2004
Polly is a dog who becomes involved in her owner's desire to play a piano concert at Carnegie. The story is told by Polly from her perspective. Polly's "most unusual doghouse in the world" is under the piano, where she is close up to her owner giving piano lessons and practicing Bach, Mozart, and Brahms in the hope of appearing in Carnegie Hall one day.
Two Piano Tuners
M.B. Goffstein   1970
To Debbie Weinstock, an alert and persistent little girl, the sound of a piano being tuned by a good piano tuner is better than any kind of music. Her grandfather, Reuben Weinstock, is the best piano tuner in the world. But above all he is a good man and Debbie is determined to be just like him.


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