Books - Piano History

The Book of the Piano
Dominic Gill   1981
Encyclopedia of Keyboard Instruments
The Piano
Robert Palmieri (Editor), Margaret W. Palmieri (Editor)   1994
Giraffes Black Dragons and Other Pianos
A Technological History from Cristofori to the Modern Concert Grand
Edwin M. Good   2001
This lavishly illustrated book treats the history of the piano from its invention in 1700 to the present in terms of its technology. Looking at the technologies of design, materials, and manufacture, and focusing its description on specific existing pianos, it describes the changes in pianos from the earliest days to contemporary instruments.
A History of Midwestern Piano Manufacturing
Jack Greenfield, RPT   
This fascinating book provides an in-depth look at the piano makers of the Midwest, their progress and their place in the industry. 156 pages. Available exclusively from the PTG Store.
History of the American Pianoforte
Daniel Spillane   1969
The early days of the American piano industy
History of the Piano
Ernest Closson   1947
Le Piano
John-Paul Williams   2003
Rédigé par un technicien et restaurateur spécialisé, il est enrichi d'une iconographie somptueuse, de nombreux schémas et de photographies détaillées par étapes pour mieux comprendre cet instrument de passion, qu'il soit droit, à queue, neuf ou de seconde main.
The Lives of the Piano
a consideration, celebration, a history and a genealogy of pianos and their friends
James R. Gaines   1981
A nice history of the piano loaded with pictures of composer, piano factories, and unusual pianos
Maker of the Piano 1700-1800
Martha Novak Clinkscale   1993
Makers of the Piano 1700-1820 is the first book to present details about all known extant pianos built during the earliest years of the instrument's existence. Biographical information about each maker and such details about his instruments as the place and date of manufacture, style, compass, case description and measurements, strings, action, stops, pedals, and present and former owners are given.
Men Who Have Made Piano History
Alfred Dolge   1980
The stories of many of the most famous piano makers.
Men Women and Pianos
A Social History
Arthur Loesser   1991
Internationally known pianist’s delightful "piano’s-eye view" of western European and American social history (17th century to the present). With wit and erudition, Mr. Loesser traces the history of the instrument’s design and manufacture and music written for it—from the clavichord and harpsichord to the modern spinet and concert grand.
Music for the Millions
The Kimball Piano and Organ Story
Van Allen Bradley   1957
People and Pianos
A Pictorial History of Steinway and Sons
Theodore Steinway   2005
Using photographs and anecdotes, this book chronicles the business from its beginnings through the Depression, when many piano manufacturers went out of business, through World War II, when the company was forbidden to make pianos, and through the advent of modern technology.
Gérard Gefen   2002
Aucun instrument de musique n'est plus familier ni, en même temps, plus mystérieux que le piano. Bien qu'il soit l'un des instruments de musique les plus récents - trois siècles au plus - son ascension a été aussi irrésistible, son histoire aussi riche, voire aussi agitée que celle d'une grande famille. Gérard Gefen conte cette saga du piano, dont les péripéties, entre art et industrie, ont complètement transformé notre oreille et qui, grâce à Beethoven ou à Pleyel, à Steinway ou à Scott Joplin.
A Photograpic History of the World's Most Celebrated Instrument
David Crombie   1995
An absolutely beautiful full color pictorial history of some of the most interesting and important pianos ever.
A Pictorial Account of Its Ancestry and Development
Helen R. Hollis   1984
The Piano
An Inspirational Guide to the Piano and Its Place in History
John-Paul Williams   2002
The Piano provides a lavishly illustrated history of the instrument
The Piano - A History
Cyril Ehrlich   1990
For more than a century the piano has occupied a dominant place in music and society. Here, Ehrlich traces the instrument's fascinating history from the fortepiano of Mozart's time, and the Victorian's "household orchestra and god," to the most sophisticated modern products of the Japanese manufacturers.
The Piano Makers
David Anderson   1982
Text and photographs describe the methods and tools used in making a concert grand piano at the Steinway factory in New York City.
Le piano Pleyel
d'un millénaire à l'autre
Trinques Jean-Jacque   2004
en français
Piano Roles
A New History of the Piano
James Parakilas   2002
Pianoforte-A Social History of the Piano
Dieter Hildebrandt   1999
Pianos and Their Makers
Alfred Dolge   1972
Leading inventor offers full history of piano technology, earliest models to 1910. Types, makers, components, mechanisms, musical aspects. 300 illustrations.
Pierce Piano Atlas
Bob Pierce, Larry Ashley   2003
A listing of piano manufacturers and serial numbers. This allows you to date most pianos.
Le Roman du piano
du XIXe au XXe siècle
Dieter Holdebrandt   2003
Voici l'histoire du pianoforte, de cette "boite-à-touches-pour-jouer-fort-et-doucement", comme l'appelait Beethoven. En mélomane passionné et érudit, Dieter Hildebrandt érige le piano en héros de roman et relate son évolution au cours des deux derniers siècles.
Steinway and Sons
Richard K. Lieberman   1997
An overview of a great company and the musical epoch it was in.
Steinway Saga
D. W. Fostle   1995
A history of the family that led the piano industry. It's ups and downs in the industry
Steinway: From Glory to Controversy 
The Family, the Business, the Piano
Susan Goldenberg   1996


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