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1970-1999 Piano Technicians Journal on CD-ROM
252 issues published between 1970-1999 on 4 CD-ROMs. Searchable by keyword, title, author, or issue. Windows or Mac.
2000-2002 Journal on CD-ROM
2000-2002 Supplement
36 Issues from 2000-2002 on one CD. Windows or Mac
2003-2005 Journal on CD-ROM
2003-2005 Supplement
36 Issues from 2003-2005 on one CD. Windows or Mac. Searchable by author, article and issue, or use Adobe Reader software (included) for keyword search.
Apprentice Training Manual
A Checkoff Training Guide to Becoming a Competent Piano Technician
Randy Potter, RPT   
This book was written by Randy to help piano technicians (and particularly students of his school) to chart their path to becoming a competent tuner-technician. It is includes several hundred items, and has spaces to check off and date when the skill or technique has been learned at both a student (Apprentice / Associate) level or craftsman (Registered Piano Technician) level.
Guidelines for Effective Institutional Piano Maintenance
PTG Publication
College and University Technicians Committee   
Meet the unique challenge of servicing large inventories with this helpful reference for technicians and administrators.
The Crisp Fifty Minute Series
Over 300 self-teaching handbooks on a broad range of business skills
You can search books for "Crisp Fifty Minute" to get a list of 312 titles, or you can ad a word to the search, such as "attitude, communication, accounting, selling, planning, learning, listening,teamwork" to narrow the list.

The best way to succeed in business is to nurture your true skills, abilities and interests. These books will help you learn how.
Field Estimate Guide
Newton Hunt, RPT   
Take the guesswork out of estimating repair time for everything from actions to whippens. Easy to use pocket guide. 18 pages.
G Piano Works Repair Labor Guide
Joseph A. Garrett, RPT   
This book is to piano technology what Chilton's Automobile Flat Rate Repair Manual is to the automobile service industry. Piano technicians and piano factories all over the world have, and use, this book to help them determine fair charges for the many services they offer. Included are over 400 service items, each with hourly times (given to 1/10th hour increments) for vertical, drop action, grand, square grand and birdcage (overdamper) pianos. If you do piano service - you need this book.


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