Books - Service & Repair

Guide to Field Repairs
Stephen Brady, RPT   
This handy guide covers the skills needed to do the average day-to-day repairs that technicians face. Newcomers and veterans alike will find it useful. 82 pages.
A Guide to Restringing
John W. Travis, RPT   1982
How to do a professional restringing job. Well illustrated. Contains over 350 separate string scales for pianos.
The Piano Action Handbook
Randy Potter, RPT   
Contains manufacturer action regulation dimensions for all pianos marketed in North America. Also includes many dimensions for instruments no longer in production and manufacturer contact information. 63 pages.
Piano Action Regulating
Brian Capleton PhD   2007
Covers regulating for the BTEC Advanced Diploma in Piano Action Regulating taught at the Royal National College
Piano Action Repairs and Maintenance
K. T. Kennedy   1979
Piano Bridge Repair Made Easy
Tips and Procedures Video
Willard Leverett, RPT   
This video shows close-up views of three actual bridge repairs performed on real pianos. It includes Essential Tools and Materials, Hazards to Avoid, Repairable and Non-Repairable Bridges, and a special bonus section String Splicing Made Easy.
Piano Parts and Their Functions
Complied by Merle Mason, RPT; Illustrated by James E. Campbell   
This illustrated buide includes diagrams and descriptions of grands and vertical parts and their functions. 98 pages.
Piano Repair
Tips and Procedures Video
Willard Leverett, RPT   
Piano technicians at all levels, from beginner to Registered Piano Technicians, will learn from this 50-minute video, which shows close-up views of repair procedures along with simple Do-It-Yourself tools to make it easy. Here is a partial list of the 38 tips and tools presented in this book: Key Repair, Keytop Replacement, Damper Repair, Splicing Strings, Tools for Restringing, Felt Cutting, Music Desk Repair, Soundboard Shimming Tool, Grand Piano Pedal Bushing, Agraffe Replacement, Bench Repair, Climate Control Systems, and even includes information on Drop Shipping Sales to clients and Simplified Employee Pensions for small shops with only a few employees.
Piano Servicing, Tuning, and Rebuilding
Second Edition: for the Professional, the Student, and the Hobbyist
Arthur Reblitz, RPT   1993
The "Bible" for learning about the piano technician trade. A very comprehensive volume covering all the basic skills needed for a beginning piano technician. A "must have".
Regulating Grand Piano Touch and Tone
Danny Boone, 1993
A complete guide to touch and tone regulation for grand pianos. Features tool lists, checklists and diagrams. Order from Piano Technology Resources, 254-420-3196. 
The Piano Tuners Pocket Companion
Oliver C. Faust   1982
A historical book on grand and upright actions, giving faults and how to correct them. Also contains theory on tuning.
Vertical Regulation Curriculum Workbook
Laroy Edwards, RPT   
Designed as a workbook for a class in vertical piano regulation, this book also offers handy information for the individual technician. 136 pages.


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