Books - Tuning

Aural Piano Tuning
Rick Butler   2005
This publication will appeal to those preparing to take their exams in the Piano Technicians Guild, and those who are just beginning to learn this profession.
Construction, Tuning and Care of the Piano-Forte
A book for Tuners, Dealers, Teachers and Owners of Pianos and Organs
Edward Quincy Norton   1887
Different Strokes
Ken Burton, RPT   
"For most of the 20-plus years I have been tuning, no one was willing to talk about, let alone write about, the many various ways we maneuver the tuning pin in order to set it, and the string, in a stable position. CONGRATULATIONS for your excellent handling of the subject."
First Steps in Piano Tuning
L.M. Nalder   1939
Various details of piano tuning. Based on A-435 pitch. One of the early books on piano tuning. Not easily available.
Let`s Tune Up
John W. Travis, RPT   1974
Written by an outstanding RPT as an aid to learning the art of tuning. A very complete reference book.
Modern Piano Tuning and the Allied Arts
William Braid White   2001
Newer reprint of the older book.

New Techniques for Superior Aural Tuning
Virgil Smith, RPT   2005
Currently out of print

Innovative new techniques for tuning the old fashioned way. Even with electronic equipment available, good aural skills are critical to a good tuning.
On Pitch
The Integration and Equation of Aural and Electronic Tuning Techniques
Rick Baldassin, RPT  2008
The descriptions and illustrations help bridge the gap between aural and electronic tuning using clear, concise writing and a uniform vocabulary. This useful, practical book should be in every technicians library. 110 pages.
On Pitch DVD
Volume I: Octave Types and Tests
Rick Baldassin, RPT 2015
A DVD companion to the 2008 edition of Rick Baldassin's book On Pitch. Includes valuable aural demonstrations of the examples included in the book, combined with animated graphics and instruction, that helps you learn what to listen for when using test intervals to tune octaves and how to tune one's ear to the relevant partials. Covers chapters 1-4 of the book. Approximately 40 minutes.
Piano Tuning
A Simple and Accurate Method for Amateurs
J. Cree Fischer   1975
A simple approach to tuning for beginners.
Piano Tuning and the Allied Arts
William Braid White   1946
The classic old time book about tuning and basic piano repair and service. This was the Bible of piano tuning for many years.
Piano Tuning for Beginners
Dennis Kurk, RPT   1993
A small book for beginners covering the basics of piano tuning.
Pianos Inside Out
A Comprehensive Guide to Piano Tuning, Repairing, and Rebuilding
Mario Igrec  2013
An in-depth look at the history, design, and maintenance of the piano, and provides practical, step-by-step guidance to anyone who wants to learn how to tune, repair, regulate, voice, rebuild, or improve the action performance of pianos.
Professional Piano Tuning
Walter Dean Howell   1966
Scientific Piano Tuning and Servicing
Alfred H. Howe   1941
One of the earlier books about aural tuning and piano service.
The Art of Tuning
Claude Montal (Translated by Fred Sturm, RPT, 2014)
Claude Montal's "The Art of Tuning" is the first comprehensive text on piano tuning, construction, and repair ever written. Published by the Piano Technicians Guild Foundation.
The Seventh Dragon
The Riddle of Equal Temperament
Anita T. Sullivan   2005
A veteran piano tuner presents a non-technical, literary view of the quixotic tuning system used on keyboard instruments for hundreds of years. Winner of the Western States Book Award for creative non-fiction in 1986, newly updated with illustrations, index, bibliography.
Theory and practice of piano tuning
Brian Capleton PhD   2007
Theory and practice of piano tuning covers all aspects of the theory, practice and "philosophy" of piano tuning from elementary to advanced level. This text book is not just for piano tuners, but for all readers including those with an interdisciplinary academic interest in the subject.
Under the Lid
The Art & Craft of the Concert Piano Technician
Stephen H. Brady, RPT   2008
Covers Concert Prep, Tuning, Voicing, Regulation, Tone Regulating, and many special subjects such as arranging pianos on stage and tuning mulitple pianos together.


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