Educational/Technical Resources

The following are links to technical resources. Some of these links may be from outside sources and are not created by PTG itself. We have found that these sites have uesful information but PTG does not endorse or sponsor the information contained in external links.

YouTube Videos from Ron Koval - Ron Koval, Associate member of the Chicago chapter, has made a number of short technical videos on piano technology and has posted them to YouTube. Topics include: tuning, pitch raising, voicing, string replacement, string splicing, and more.

Bernhard Stopper from German presents computer animations of piano soundboard movement - This is a YouTube Video of a presentation he gave at the 2007 PTG Convention

Jim Coleman, Sr. offers videotapes and DVDs that teach various parts of piano technology.

About Temperaments - A page with graphical overview of music history and composers and what temperaments existed during those times. Includes a graph and chart of all cent sizes and beat rates

Tuning Temperaments Using an Electronic Meter - This site lists offsets from equal temperament for many historical temperaments

Five Lectures on the Acoustics of the Piano - The online version of a book edited by Anders Askenfelt. Sound files for example are included.

Smoke Damage Restoration for Pianos

Edition Bochinsky - German language technical publications about pianos

Pianotech • A forum for anyone who wants to discuss technical issues. Connect to hundreds of other technicians around the world. Search the Pianotech archives for helpful technical information. Learn more about our forums, blogs and wikis.

Research on Piano Hammers -- This page by Daniel Russell has research published by the Acoustical Society of America. It is now available in HTML format.

Piano Gen - A site with historical information and drawings of pianos.  This site is from England and focuses on European pianos.

US Patent Office has full text search of patents.  Search on "piano"

Google now has Google Patents with a great database. This link searches for the word piano. There are patents back to 1890s.

Wapin, LLP is a company dedicated to promoting and licensing piano technicians in the installation of a new piano bridge modification.

Action Models
Purchase grand or vertical action models from the PTG Store.

Test Blow Devices (Thumpers)
Purchase test blow devices from the PTG Store.

Repair Jigs
Purchase a complete set that includes a stringing jig, hammer jig, key jig and instructions. Jigs are also sold individually. Contact Keith Bowman at 717-599-7782 or for pricing. View models at

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