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Concentration with music notes

Concentration with piano parts

Hangman with piano and music terminology 


Piano Parts Word Search – puzzles for elementary and middle school levels

Name the Piano Parts - Reproducible worksheets you can use to learn the different parts of the inside and outside of grand and vertical pianos. Try the Piano Parts Concentration game, too.

Tuning Forks - Learn how a tuning fork is used to tune a piano

Grand Action in Motion - see a YouTube video of a grand action moving in real-time and slow motion.

How Piano Actions Work - A link to a video clip of a demonstration by Clarence Zeches, RPT.

Test Your Piano IQ Worksheet – elementary and middle school levels

Piano History Fact Sheet 

Acoustic Pianos Fact Sheet

About Your Piano Fact Sheet

Play It, Don't Say It Card Game - Put your knowledge of tempo, dynamics and articulation terms, symbols and marks to work.

Express Yourself - Practice working with tempo, dynamics and articulation terms, symbols and marks. 

Piano Science – Explore the concept of sound waves and how the different parts of a piano work together to create the sounds we call music. Elementary and middle school age level.

Explore Sound – These Interesting activities from the NDT Resource Center will help you learn more about sound. Apply what you learn to how the parts of a piano work togther to create sound. Geared towards 6th grade and up.

Piano Baseball – Make this game and find out who knows the most about the piano.

Piano Activity Place Mat - Print out your own on 8-1/2" x 14" paper

Origami Piano - fold your own 3-D vertical piano

Grand Piano Art - Cut, fold and glue your own miniature grand piano. PDF includes full-color, detailed pieces and instructions. From Accoutrements.

Coloring Pages – sample pages from the PTG coloring book; preschool and early elementary levels

Bookmarks - print these colorful bookmarks on cardstock and cut apart for a colorful way to mark your music.


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Teacher Area of the Piano Learning Center

Tips from MTNA about choosing a music teacher.


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