Certification Exams: Registered Piano Technician

Current Versions of the RPT Exams

  • Written - 2008
  • Tuning - 2018
  • Technical - 2005

Description of the RPT Exams

Exam Locations and Examiners

Exam Payment Voucher

Written Exam • No charge • Administered by any RPT. RPTs should contact the Home Office for exam booklets, answers sheets, answer keys and reclassification forms.
Full Tuning Exam • $180 • Administered by a Certified Tuning Examiner (CTE)
Full Technical Exam • $180 • Administered by a Technical Examiner-Certified (TEC)

Pay for your Tuning or Technical Exam by purchasing a voucher from the Home Office. Present it to your examiner or exam sponsor at the time of your exam. Click here to purchase an exam voucher

Exam Preparation Materials

PTGF Associate Convention Scholarship

The Piano Technicians Guild Foundation awards scholarships each year that include a PTG Convention & Technical Institute member registration fee, as well as an examination fee to cover the applicant's choice of either the PTG Technical Examination or the PTG Tuning Examination. The application deadline is April 1. Apply online or download an application.

Equipment for Exams

Action Models
Purchase grand or vertical action models from the PTG Store.

Test Blow Device (Thumper)
ETSC-approved for use on the RPT Tuning Exam. Purchase from the PTG Store.

Repair Jigs
ETSC-approved jigs for the Repair section of the RPT Technical Exam are available for purchase from Keith Bowman. The set includes a stringing jig, hammer jig, key jig and instructions. Jigs are also sold individually. Contact Keith at 717-599-7782 or kabpiano@comcast.net for pricing. View models at www.mccoyspiano.com/jigweb.html

RPT Exam Grants Program Application

For Examiners Only

Examiner Community at my.ptg.org. Find forms and other examiner resources.

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