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September 2014

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For Sale

PIANO RENTAL BUSINESS FOR SALE - Southern California.  36 pianos.  33 currently rented.  Positive cash flow!  Contact:  (909) 797-1359 or

FANDRICH-RHODES WEIGHT BENCH TOUCH WEIGHT CALCULATOR. Computes and predicts Touchweight, Action Ratio, and Inertial Touch Force. Brings action rebuild predictability and performance to a consistently high level.  $675 for complete kit with software.  $275 for software upgrade for Weightbench owners.  Fandrich & Sons Pianos, 360-652-8980,  For more information visit: Purchase at

SPECIALIZING IN CUSTOM RESTORATION & SALE OF VINTAGE PIANOS. Since 1920, the Lindeblad family has specialized in pianos. They have restored and sold pianos to clients all across the country. 10 Year Warranty & Nationwide Delivery Over 90 pianos for sale with brands like Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Chickering, Baldwin & Knabe. VISIT US ONLINE - Contact us at 888-58-PIANO or LINDEBLAD PIANO RESTORATION 

FAULK TUNING HAMMERS. Lightweight, balanced with exotic wood handles and titanium/carbon fiber shafts. Will custom make to your requirements. Call Charles Faulk, RPT, at 479-855-9595  or e-mail: Web address:

DAWSON STRING COVERS. Handmade and cut-Lowest Prices-FINEST 100% WOOL FELT, Custom made to fit available in black,dark brown, medium brown, tan, royal blue, medium blue, burgundy or white; Serged edges with your choice of several beautiful decorative stitches. Flyers provided at no charge for technicians. FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING in the CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES. For pricing and more information; email: 941-809-6129
BROOKS LTD -ACTION PARTS & SERVICE: Large inventory  Encore by Abel, Tokiwa, and WNG action parts.  Make your project easy using our fast, expert services.  Try Encore Natural Felt hammers pre-hung on Encore maple shanks & flanges. Hear and feel the difference using the finest quality products. Hammers, Shanks & Flanges, Wippens, Damper action and Felt, Upright butts & flanges, old Steinway-style parts, and more., (800) 326-2440,

VINTAGE CASE PARTS specializes in reproduction case parts for your Steinway restorations: toplids, legs, lyres, lyre props, music desks and desk frames, keyslips and lid props. OUR NEWEST OFFERING!: Music Desk Frame End Panels (square, with scallop) for Sketch 380 Steinways. Visit All made in the U.S.A. David G. Hughes, RPT. 410-526-0248.
NICK GRAVAGNE PRODUCTS.  Ready-To-Install Soundboards-Action Geometry Program $80-Soundboard Installation Video/DVD $55-Bridges and Bearing Video/DVD-$55 Money Back Guarantee! Visit for details and to purchase online. Call 928-476-4143 Email

SANDERSON ACCU-TUNERS, including the SAT IV Consignment sale of used Accu-Tuners. Call for details. Rick Baldassin, 801-322-4441.
40 BABY GRANDS - Console - Spinets. Musician Quality Pianos. Can Deliver. Dick Dante-631-467-6828. Cell-631-804-8380

VINTAGE TONE TOOL CO. Hand-crafted voicing tools for piano makers, tuners & rebuilders. Proven, efficient and effective protocols for grands & uprights. Developed by concert technician & RPT, Boaz Kirschenbaum and David Stanwood, RPT. Tools made in USA. Now featuring tool handles made by Charles Faulk, RPT. Free instructional video and online shop at (508) 693-0233

RESTORED STEINWAY & SONS GRANDS. Chupp’s Piano Service offers completely restored and original condition Steinway & Sons and other quality pianos. Our world-class pianos are capable of satisfying the most discriminating artist. Our team can also locate the brand your client desires. Visit Commissions offered to technicians for client referrals. Contact (888) 831-5820
BROOKS LTD-SOUNDBOARDS: Finest quality Bolduc eastern spruce panels made to order. Rib stock and Bridge-capping materials, 5-ply quarter-sawn rock maple pinblocks in various sizes-single and double panels in stock. Quantity discounts.,  (800) 326-2440,

FALCONWOOD PINBLOCKS. The most stable and durable material on the market for holding tuning pins. Duplication and custom thickness services available. Also drill bits and ½” and 3/8” Falconwood plugs. For free consultation call Tim Dixon (414)-587-9629. More info at: Email:

GRAND REGULATING RACK:  For  the professional piano tech. In shop or on site. Designed and manufactured by Wally Brooks $475- for Information contact Brooks LTD 800-326-2440.
PIANO SERVICE BUSINESS FOR SALE DENVER, CO. Full or part-time, private & commercial clients which includes concert service. Steinways serviced daily. Rebuilding/Refinishing can be subcontracted if necessary. Available spring/summer 2014.  Inquiries

For sale: Rosewood square grand. McKnabe & Co., patented August 14, 1866. Original ivories, original finish, original soundboard. Has been kept inside, and cared for. Price negotiable.Pictures on request. Contact 205-915-0755

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Help Wanted 

GIST PIANO CENTER in LOUISVILLE, KY is searching for a piano technician. RPT preferred.  Advanced regulation and voicing skills required.  Knowledge of cabinet work and player system installation/service preferred.  Job description will include customer in-home appointments and work in our rebuilding facility.  Preference will be given to applicants who have experience with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as those who demonstrate skills in effective communication.  Compensation, benefits and relocation reimbursements (if necessary) will be based on existing experience and aptitude in the areas mentioned above.  Contact John Gist,

Rebuilder position for experienced stringer, general rebuilding, block replacement, action parts replacement, regulation. Chicago shop. Compensation based on experience. Call Jeff at: 708‐772‐8282 or 

GIST PIANO CENTER is searching for a professional piano and keyboard sales representative.  Ideal applicants will possess detailed product knowledge of acoustic and digital pianos, have experience with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Basic piano skills are preferred.  Compensation, benefits and relocation reimbursements (if necessary) will be based on experience and overall aptitude.  Contact John Gist,

Simply Grand & Vintage Piano Works, the Steinway piano dealer for Louisville & Lexington KY is searching for a piano technician. RPT preferred. Compensation will be based on experience. SG & VPW is owned and operated by Matt Grossman, RPT, with 40 years full time experience in the piano business. Contact:, 502-553-5171
WESTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY Piano Technician: This is a classified staff, full-time, 12-month permanent salaried position with benefits. The piano technician's primary responsibilities are tuning, maintaining, regulating and rebuilding pianos and various music instruments for western Washington University's Department of Music.    
Position Responsibilities: 
 Tuning: Piano tuning including tuning two pianos together , Tune classroom and practice grand pianos, once per quarter, Tune upright pianos in practice rooms twice per yearPerformance pianos tuned as needed, Harpsichord, equal temperament tuning as well as historical temperaments, Clavichord, equal temperament tuning as well as historical temperaments 
Repair: Repair/replace broken action parts on pianos and harpsichords, Replace broken strings on pianos and harpsichords, Repair broken case parts and benches 
Regulation: Recondition action parts on pianos and harpsichords, Regulate and voice pianos, harpsichords and celeste 
Rebuilding: Replace all strings and action parts, Repair bridges and soundboard 
Other: Maintain humidity control systems in 7 pianos, Set up pianos for piano master class with guest performer, Supervise moving music department grand pianos within the PAC and off-campus, Move upright pianos, Meet with performers before recital, Provide technical advice relating to the maintenance, selection and purchase of pianos 
Due to the nature of concert work and limited access to pianos, much of the work is done on weekends and in the evenings.
Required Qualifications: Three years applicable work experience, Ability to lift and move heavy instruments 
Preferred Qualifications: Registered Piano Technician, Completion of a recognized training program as a piano technician, Strong organizational skills
Salary: New hires typically begin at $3377/month including an excellent benefits package  
Closing Date: 9/15/2014

Lamar University Piano Tech Staff Position: The Mary Morgan Moore Department of Music at Lamar University seeks a certified piano technician to perform tuning, repair, and servicing of the department’s 34 pianos. Diagnoses and resolves problems. Acts as resource person. Provides technical advice related to the maintenance, selection and purchase of pianos. At least 3 years experience working as a piano technician required. The credential as a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) with the Piano Technician’s Guild is preferred. See staff posting at

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STEINWAY RESTORATION BY CHUPP'S PIANO SERVICE, INC. Specializing in Premium Quality Steinway & Sons restorations. Established in 1975, we serve educational institutions, houses of worship, large organizations, and the individual pianist by locating, repairing, moving, or purchasing instruments in the national and international markets. Commissions offered to technicians for client referrals. Visit or contact, 888-831-5820

KEY BUSHING. Highest quality cloth and workmanship. Keys cleaned, capstans polished, bushings ironed. Reliable results, quick turn-around. Pin dimensions required. $150 per rail. Call for ordering instructions. 724 494 4420. Marshall Key Bushing, Wexford Pa. Visit 

ASHMORE  KEYBOARD RESTORATIONS: Keytops with fronts $275, German keytops $325, bushings $170 both rails, plastic sharps $160/set  Individual ivory pieces repaired $50 each (head or tail). Ebony sharps, backchecks, keyend felt, key sides repaired, etc. Price list sent on request. 530-273-8800.Caryl Christensen,Yvonne Ashmore, RPT, , 12700 La Barr Meadows Rd. Grass Valley, CA 95949 
LINDEBLAD PIANO RESTORATION. Since 1920, the Lindeblad family has specialized in pianos. Complete piano restoration services available. Restoration services include: new soundboard installation, new strings, new pinblock, hard rebronzing, complete action restoration with new parts, meticulous regulation and voicing, custom hand rubbed refinishing and more. 10 year warranty & Nationwide shipping. VISIT US ONLINE- Contact us at 888-58-PIANO or, LINDEBLAD PIANO RESTORATION

STEINWAY ACTION FRAME RAILS resoldered, replaced, and/or repositioned. We can also make new custom-made Steinway action frames to your specifications. For price list contact John Dewey Enterprises Inc. 861 E. 2900 North Road. Penefield, IL 61862. Phone 217-595-5535.
PIANO KEY RESTORATION, .075 Tops w/Fronts - $175.00, German Tops w/Fronts - $215.00, Gloss Sharps - $100.00, Bushings $150.00, Replace Ivory head or tail $45. Custom Made Keys, Steinway Warranty and Other Services Available. Contact for full price list. Free FedEx Gnd return shipping excluding HI/AK. WALKER PIANO KEY SERVICE, 789 St Rt 94 E, Fulton, KY 42041, 1-800-745-6819, E-mail:
QUALITY PIANO KEY SERVICE. Tops w/fronts, white - $175; German tops w/fronts, white or cream - $200; Plastic sharps - $100; Keybushing with premium cloth - $150; Recover backchecks, damper lift felt, and key repair. Free return shipping with prepayment, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Debra Legg, 5 Tarr's Lane West, Rockport. MA 01966, 978-546-8428;

RONSEN PIANO HAMMERS Manufactured in the U.S.A. since 1958. Four types of felt to meet your needs: Weickert Special, Wurzen AA, Bacon, and VFG. All Hammers custom manufactured. Custom boring and shaping. Tokiwa shanks. Most orders shipped in 3 to 5 business days. Ronsen Piano Hammer Co., 21 Edwards Lane, Boiceville, NY 12412. 800-864-0233,,

TALK WITH THE PERSON doing your key recovering, me, Mike Kurta-Veteran RPT.  German tops with fronts, $200 and free return shipping.  Top notch (pun intended) craftsmanship, you will be proud to reinstall these keys in your customer's piano. Go to  then call me at 231-421-1816.

WEBSITES FOR PIANO TECHNICIANS. Let us help you expand your tuning business with a new website! We offer 45 design options to choose from. You select your design, and we’ll customize your new site to your business. Our professional websites are affordable, starting at only $89 plus $24.95 monthly hosting and service fees. To find out more, visit or call us at 800-533-7998.

WORDPRESS and SEO FOR PIANO TECHNICIANS. Upgrade your web presence with a hosted Wordpress site and targeted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools. Maintain and update your site easily, improve search performance and get listed in local directories. Eric Johnson, RPT.

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PIANO TECHNOLOGY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO. Our Piano Technology Certificate Program is the only full-time piano technology program of its kind in a university environment. In this program you will develop the expertise needed to tune and maintain pianos. Highly respected professionals, with many years of experience educating technicians and working in the field, teach a comprehensive approach to the craft in a small class environment. For more information:, or contact Anne Fleming-Read at 519-661-3497 or E-mail

THE RANDY POTTER SCHOOL OF PIANO TECHNOLOGY. Home Study programs for beginning students, associate members studying to upgrade to Registered Piano Technician, and RPT's wanting to continue their education. Tuning, repairing, regulating, voicing, apprentice training, business practices. Top instructors  and materials. Call or write for information: RANDY POTTER, RPT; 61592 ORION DRIVE; BEND, OR 97702; 541-382-5411.,

THE MINNESOTA SCHOOL OF PIANO TECHNOLOGY- Classroom  and individual instruction available.  Gregory A. Gavin, RPT, instructor with 29 years experience. See web site for free information Toll free 877-810-9354

PIANO TECHNOLOGY AT NORTH BENNET STREET SCHOOL - Extensive piano technology training in two full-time, nine month programs. Basic Piano Technology includes tuning, regulation and in-home repairs and Advanced Piano Technology, open to Basic Piano graduates and applicants with comparable knowledge and skills, includes complete rebuilding of grand pianos, comprehensive piano service, advanced tuning and voicing.Exceptional training, small classes and individual attention. September admission. Accredited by ACCSC. Financial aid available. Located in Boston's historic North End. Email: Web:
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Reyburn CyberTuner software visual tuning device videos. All videos including NEW iRCT classes are now FREE on YouTube at:

NOW IN DVD! Superior Instructional Tapes at Jim Coleman, SR. 4 W. Del Rio Dr., Tempe, AZ 85282. PH: (480) 966-9159. Private tuning and regulation tutoring for PTG exam prep at my home is available at $200/day


VINTAGE STEINWAYS WANTED. Preferably any built before 1950. We will pick up anywhere. Contact us at: 888-58-PIANO or,  LINDEBLAD PIANO RESTORATION

WANTED!! DEAD OR ALIVE: ""Steinway Grands and Uprights.""Please call Ben Knauer, 1-800-257-4733 or

STEINWAY & SONS GRANDS WANTED! Chupp’s Piano Service offers the highest cash, trade-in value, or consignments for Steinway & Sons grand pianos, regardless of condition or location. We offer commissions to technicians who locate Steinway grands for us. Email: or call (888)831-5820. Visit
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