Piano Technicians Journal Obituary Policy

The Journal publishes obituaries of deceased PTG members. The focus of a Journal obituary should be the professional life of the member—how that person became a piano technician, where the person worked and the kind of work done, professional relationships with other technicians, and the role the person played in the Guild on local and national levels. Brief statements of unusual facts of the person's life may be included, especially when related to the person's work as a piano technician.

Comments about family, military service, religion and politics should be very short if they are mentioned at all, keeping in mind that most readers will not have had a personal relationship with the member, and that the significant connection is a professional one.

It is recommended that the member's PTG chapter affiliates write the obituary, as they usually will remember the person in ways consistent with the above guidelines.

Obituaries will usually be published several months after the death of the member, so they need not be written under time pressure.

Families should understand that obituaries will be edited to comply with these guidelines. Obituaries making little or no reference to the professional life of the deceased member may not be published at all.

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