2022 PTG Convention and Technical Institute • August 3 - 6 • Anaheim, CA

RPT Exams

   Full Tuning Exam 
$ 210  
        Tuning Exam - 2 Parts $ 140  
        Tuning Exam - 1 Part $    70   
  Full Technical Exam $ 210  
        Tech Exam - 2 Parts $ 140   
        Tech Exam - 1 Part $   70  
 Written Exam N/C

Exam Info

Download a fillable PDF Exam Form.

Please complete and return to the PTG Home Office, ptg@ptg.org, 4444 Forest Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66106, Fax: 913-432-9986.

Exam retakes may be taken up to two (2) times within 43 months of the original exam.

You must pre-register to take any RPT exam during the convention. Purchase exam vouchers for Technical and Tuning Exams when you register for the convention or you may use previously purchased vouchers.

  • Bring proof of membership, Reclassification Form(s), and payment vouchers when reporting for your assigned exam time. There is no fee to take the Written Exam, but you will need to bring proof of membership.
  • After you complete and return your Exam Form, an examiner will contact you to schedule your exam.

Exam Prep
(E) Take the RPT Written Examination
Exam Team
This is your opportunity to take the RPT Written Exam. Examinees should come to the room indicated on the schedule. Bring your own internet-accessible device (tablet, laptop, phone, etc.). Pre-register by sending an email to r.guenther.rpt@gmail.com. Visually impaired technicians will take their exams in the ETSC office.You must bring your current PTG membership card with you to take the exam. No extra fee required to take this exam. For PTG members only.

Understanding the PTG Tuning Exam
Exam Team
Taking an RPT Exam is a great opportunity to learn your strong and weak points, and to get certified as an RPT. We’ll explain the details of the Tuning Exam procedure and give tips for effective preparation. For PTG members only.

Understanding the PTG Technical Exam
Exam Team
We will walk through the Technical Exam and its requirements. There will be examples of exam equipment, models, and jigs such as one would find on the test, including a preview of the new 3-note grand model which will be implemented in the near future. Come find out how to prepare for the exam, what tools and supplies you will need to bring to the exam site, and what examinees are entitled to before, during, and after the examination. Learn ways to best utilize your time, improve efficiency, and cope with exam anxiety and other strategies to help you successfully tackle the exam and become a part of your daily fieldwork. There will be plenty of time for Q&A. For PTG members only.

CTE Tuning Examiner Training
Exam Team
Detailed information for RPT members who are interested in assisting with Tuning Exams and becoming a Certified Tuning Examiner. Also, discussion about effective exam administration and problem-solving tips for CTE's and assistant examiners. For RPT’s only.

Interested in becoming a Technical Examiner (TEC)? Please visit the Convention Exam Office.