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This area lets you search for a member based on services they offer by choosing from the list below. All RPT have passed exams in tuning and action repair & regulation; therefore, we have not included "tuning" as an option here. You can assume any RPT offers that service. Search results will show all members with their categories listed since some Associate members are not tuners but offer some of these other specialized services. Click the "Submit" button to search all services.

Services College and/or University Technician
Complete Restoration, Including Soundboards
Finish Touchup
Fire Damage Repair
Harpsichord Service
Historical Tunings
Humidity Control System Installation
Long-Term Piano Rentals
New Piano Sales
Performance and Concert Service
Piano Moving
Piano Retailer
Player Piano Service
Polyester Finish Repair
Short-Term Piano Rentals
Touchweight Analysis and Correction
Used Piano Sales
Water Damage Repair

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