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Buying a Piano

Complete Idiots Guide to Buying a Piano

Mary Flinn & Jennifer Flinn - 2008

A fair and unbiased process for educating the public to the world of piano and how to make the right selection

How to Buy a Good Used Piano Book and Video

Willard Leverett, RPT

If you have any interest in buying a piano, new or used, this book will help you learn how to screen out the bad and recognize the good - upright, spinet and grand pianos. This step-by-step video shows you how to inspect a piano and detect problems with the soundboard, pinblock, strings, bridges, keys, action, dampers, pedals, case and veneer.

The Piano Book Supplement 2006-2007

Larry Fine, RPT - 2006

The "Blue Book" of pianos. Contains list prices for 4,000 models of new piano and suggestions on how to estimate "street" prices. Also contains a cumulative update to descriptions of manufacturers and models since publication of the Fourth Edition of The Piano Book.

Service & Repair

Guide to Field Repairs

Stephen Brady, RPT   

This handy guide covers the skills needed to do the average day-to-day repairs that technicians face. Newcomers and veterans alike will find it useful. 82 pages.

A Guide to Restringing

John W. Travis, RPT - 1982

How to do a professional restringing job. Well illustrated. Contains over 350 separate string scales for pianos.

The Piano Action Handbook

Randy Potter, RPT   

Contains manufacturer action regulation dimensions for all pianos marketed in North America. Also includes many dimensions for instruments no longer in production and manufacturer contact information. 63 pages.

Piano Action Repairs and Maintenance

K. T. Kennedy - 1979


Piano Bridge Repair Made Easy

Tips and Procedures Video

Willard Leverett, RPT   

This video shows close-up views of three actual bridge repairs performed on real pianos. It includes Essential Tools and Materials, Hazards to Avoid, Repairable and Non-Repairable Bridges, and a special bonus section String Splicing Made Easy.

Piano Parts and Their Functions

Complied by Merle Mason, RPT; Illustrated by James E. Campbell   

This illustrated buide includes diagrams and descriptions of grands and vertical parts and their functions. 98 pages.

Piano Repair

Tips and Procedures Video

Willard Leverett, RPT   

Piano technicians at all levels, from beginner to Registered Piano Technicians, will learn from this 50-minute video, which shows close-up views of repair procedures along with simple Do-It-Yourself tools to make it easy. 

Piano Servicing, Tuning, and Rebuilding

Second Edition: for the Professional, the Student, and the Hobbyist

Arthur Reblitz, RPT - 1993

The "Bible" for learning about the piano technician trade. A very comprehensive volume covering all the basic skills needed for a beginning piano technician. A "must have".

Regulating Grand Piano Touch and Tone

Danny Boone - 1993

A complete guide to touch and tone regulation for grand pianos. Features tool lists, checklists and diagrams. Order from Pianotek Supply or Schaff Piano Supply.

The Piano Tuners Pocket Companion

Oliver C. Faust - 1982

A historical book on grand and upright actions, giving faults and how to correct them. Also contains theory on tuning.

Vertical Regulation Curriculum Workbook

Laroy Edwards, RPT   

Designed as a workbook for a class in vertical piano regulation, this book also offers handy information for the individual technician. 136 pages.

Piano Technician Business

1970-1999 Piano Technicians Journal on CD-ROM

252 issues published between 1970-1999 on 4 CD-ROMs. Searchable by keyword, title, author, or issue. Windows or Mac.

2000-2002 Journal on CD-ROM

2000-2002 Supplement

36 Issues from 2000-2002 on one CD. Windows or Mac

2003-2005 Journal on CD-ROM

2003-2005 Supplement

36 Issues from 2003-2005 on one CD. Windows or Mac. Searchable by author, article and issue, or use Adobe Reader software (included) for keyword search.

Apprentice Training Manual

A Checkoff Training Guide to Becoming a Competent Piano Technician

Randy Potter, RPT   

This book was written by Randy to help piano technicians (and particularly students of his school) to chart their path to becoming a competent tuner-technician. It includes several hundred items, and has spaces to check off and date when the skill or technique has been learned at both a student level or craftsman level.

Guidelines for Effective Institutional Piano Maintenance
PTG Publication

College and University Technicians Committee   

Meet the unique challenge of servicing large inventories with this helpful reference for technicians and administrators.

The Crisp Fifty Minute Series

Over 300 self-teaching handbooks on a broad range of business skills


You can search Amazon.com books for "Crisp Fifty Minute" to get a list of 312 titles, or you can ad a word to the search, such as "attitude, communication, accounting, selling, planning, learning, listening,teamwork" to narrow the list.

The best way to succeed in business is to nurture your true skills, abilities and interests. These books will help you learn how.

Field Estimate Guide

Newton Hunt, RPT   

Take the guesswork out of estimating repair time for everything from actions to whippens. Easy to use pocket guide. 18 pages.

G Piano Works Repair Labor Guide

Joseph A. Garrett, RPT   

This book is to piano technology what Chilton's Automobile Flat Rate Repair Manual is to the automobile service industry. Piano technicians and piano factories all over the world have, and use, this book to help them determine fair charges for the many services they offer. Included are over 400 service items, each with hourly times (given to 1/10th hour increments) for vertical, drop action, grand, square grand and birdcage (overdamper) pianos. If you do piano service - you need this book.

Player Pianos

Player Piano

The history of the mechanical piano and how to repair it

Arthur W. J. G Ord-Hume - 1970


Player Piano Mechanisms

Being a treatise on the design and construction of the pneumatic action of the player-pian

William Braid White - 1925


Player Piano

Servicing and Rebuilding

Arthur A. Reblitz, RPT - 1985

This book is a comprehensive, illustrated guide to the repair and restoration of paper roll operated, suction powered player pianos and piano playing mechanisms.

Re-enacting the Artist

A story of the Ampico reproducing piano

Larry Givens - 1970


Regulation and Repair of Piano and Player Mechanism

Together with Tuning as Science and Art

William Braid White - 1909


Piano History

The Book of the Piano

Dominic Gill - 1981


Encyclopedia of Keyboard Instruments

The Piano

Robert Palmieri (Editor), Margaret W. Palmieri (Editor) - 1994


Giraffes Black Dragons and Other Pianos

A Technological History from Cristofori to the Modern Concert Grand

Edwin M. Good - 2001

This lavishly illustrated book treats the history of the piano from its invention in 1700 to the present in terms of its technology. Looking at the technologies of design, materials, and manufacture, and focusing its description on specific existing pianos, it describes the changes in pianos from the earliest days to contemporary instruments.

A History of Midwestern Piano Manufacturing

Jack Greenfield, RPT   

This fascinating book provides an in-depth look at the piano makers of the Midwest, their progress and their place in the industry. 156 pages. Available exclusively from the PTG Store.

History of the American Pianoforte

Daniel Spillane - 1969

The early days of the American piano industry

History of the Piano

Ernest Closson - 1947


Le Piano

John-Paul Williams - 2003

Rédigé par un technicien et restaurateur spécialisé, il est enrichi d'une iconographie somptueuse, de nombreux schémas et de photographies détaillées par étapes pour mieux comprendre cet instrument de passion, qu'il soit droit, à queue, neuf ou de seconde main.

The Lives of the Piano

a consideration, celebration, a history and a genealogy of pianos and their friends

James R. Gaines - 1981

A nice history of the piano loaded with pictures of composer, piano factories, and unusual pianos

Maker of the Piano 1700-1800

Martha Novak Clinkscale - 1993

Makers of the Piano 1700-1820 is the first book to present details about all known extant pianos built during the earliest years of the instrument's existence. Biographical information about each maker and such details about his instruments as the place and date of manufacture, style, compass, case description and measurements, strings, action, stops, pedals, and present and former owners are given.

Men Who Have Made Piano History

Alfred Dolge - 1980

The stories of many of the most famous piano makers.

Men Women and Pianos

A Social History

Arthur Loesser - 1991

Internationally known pianist’s delightful "piano’s-eye view" of western European and American social history (17th century to the present). With wit and erudition, Mr. Loesser traces the history of the instrument’s design and manufacture and music written for it—from the clavichord and harpsichord to the modern spinet and concert grand.

Music for the Millions

The Kimball Piano and Organ Story

Van Allen Bradley - 1957


People and Pianos

A Pictorial History of Steinway and Sons

Theodore Steinway - 2005

Using photographs and anecdotes, this book chronicles the business from its beginnings through the Depression, when many piano manufacturers went out of business, through World War II, when the company was forbidden to make pianos, and through the advent of modern technology.


Gérard Gefen - 2002

Aucun instrument de musique n'est plus familier ni, en même temps, plus mystérieux que le piano. Bien qu'il soit l'un des instruments de musique les plus récents - trois siècles au plus - son ascension a été aussi irrésistible, son histoire aussi riche, voire aussi agitée que celle d'une grande famille. Gérard Gefen conte cette saga du piano, dont les péripéties, entre art et industrie, ont complètement transformé notre oreille et qui, grâce à Beethoven ou à Pleyel, à Steinway ou à Scott Joplin.


A Photograpic History of the World's Most Celebrated Instrument

David Crombie - 1995

An absolutely beautiful full color pictorial history of some of the most interesting and important pianos ever.


A Pictorial Account of Its Ancestry and Development

Helen R. Hollis - 1984


The Piano

An Inspirational Guide to the Piano and Its Place in History

John-Paul Williams - 2002

The Piano provides a lavishly illustrated history of the instrument

The Piano - A History

Cyril Ehrlich - 1990

For more than a century the piano has occupied a dominant place in music and society. Here, Ehrlich traces the instrument's fascinating history from the fortepiano of Mozart's time, and the Victorian's "household orchestra and god," to the most sophisticated modern products of the Japanese manufacturers.

The Piano Makers

David Anderson - 1982

Text and photographs describe the methods and tools used in making a concert grand piano at the Steinway factory in New York City.

Le piano Pleyel

d'un millénaire à l'autre

Trinques Jean-Jacque - 2004

En français

Piano Roles

A New History of the Piano

James Parakilas - 2002


Pianoforte-A Social History of the Piano

Dieter Hildebrandt   1999


Pianos and Their Makers

Alfred Dolge   1972

Leading inventor offers full history of piano technology, earliest models to 1910. Types, makers, components, mechanisms, musical aspects. 300 illustrations.

Pierce Piano Atlas

Bob Pierce, Larry Ashley - 2003

A listing of piano manufacturers and serial numbers. This allows you to date most pianos.

Le Roman du piano

du XIXe au XXe siècle

Dieter Holdebrandt - 2003

Voici l'histoire du pianoforte, de cette "boite-à-touches-pour-jouer-fort-et-doucement", comme l'appelait Beethoven. En mélomane passionné et érudit, Dieter Hildebrandt érige le piano en héros de roman et relate son évolution au cours des deux derniers siècles.

Steinway and Sons

Richard K. Lieberman - 1997

An overview of a great company and the musical epoch it was in.

Steinway Saga

D. W. Fostle - 1995

A history of the family that led the piano industry. It's ups and downs in the industry

Steinway: From Glory to Controversy 

The Family, the Business, the Piano

Susan Goldenberg - 1996



Great Contemporary Pianists Speak for Themselves

Elyse Mach - 1991

Fascinating interviews with 25 renowned pianists: Ashkenazy, Badura-Skoda, Bolet, Brendel, de Larrocha, Gould, Horowitz, Ohlsson, Tureck, Watts, 15 more. Revealing, candid thoughts about themselves, their careers, music they play, life of a concert pianist. "Mach’s interviews will enhance the pleasure of any concertgoer."—People. Introduction by Sir Georg Solti. 51 black-and-white photographs.

The Great Pianists

From Mozart to the Present

Harold C. Schonberg - 1987


Great Pianists on Piano Playing

Godowsky, Hofmann, Lhevinne, Paderewski and 24 Other Legendary Performers (Great Pianists:

Various - 1999

Great pianists discuss topics ranging from piano technique and musical development to becoming a virtuoso. Included are Busoni’s "Important Details in Piano Study," Rachmaninoff’s "Essentials of Artistic Playing," Paderewski’s "Breadth in Musical Art," and much more. 2 Introductory Essays. Artist Biographies. Artists’ Study Questions. 27 halftones.

Great Pianists Speak

Adele Marcus, Gina Bachauer, Karl Ulrich Schnabel, Claude Frank, Jorge Bolet, Rudolf Firku  - 1978


Vladimir Horowitz


A search for all Amazon products about this famous pianist.

My Life with the Great Pianists

Franz Mohr, Edith Schaeffer - 1996

Franz Mohr has been head concert technician for Steinway. This book tells of his experiences with the great pianists he has worked for.

Piano Artwork

Piano Artwork

Check out Amazon's selection of piano artwork.


Aural Piano Tuning

Rick Butler - 2005

This publication will appeal to those preparing to take their exams in the Piano Technicians Guild, and those who are just beginning to learn this profession.

Construction, Tuning and Care of the Piano-Forte

A book for Tuners, Dealers, Teachers and Owners of Pianos and Organs

Edward Quincy Norton - 1887


Different Strokes

Ken Burton, RPT   

"For most of the 20-plus years I have been tuning, no one was willing to talk about, let alone write about, the many various ways we maneuver the tuning pin in order to set it, and the string, in a stable position. CONGRATULATIONS for your excellent handling of the subject."

First Steps in Piano Tuning

L.M. Nalder - 1939

Various details of piano tuning. Based on A-435 pitch. One of the early books on piano tuning. Not easily available.

Let's Tune Up

John W. Travis, RPT - 1974

Written by an outstanding RPT as an aid to learning the art of tuning. A very complete reference book.

Modern Piano Tuning and the Allied Arts

William Braid White - 2001

Newer reprint of the older book.

New Techniques for Superior Aural Tuning

Virgil Smith, RPT - 2005
Currently out of print

Innovative new techniques for tuning the old fashioned way. Even with electronic equipment available, good aural skills are critical to a good tuning.

On Pitch

The Integration and Equation of Aural and Electronic Tuning Techniques

Rick Baldassin, RPT - 2008

The descriptions and illustrations help bridge the gap between aural and electronic tuning using clear, concise writing and a uniform vocabulary. This useful, practical book should be in every technicians library. 110 pages.

On Pitch DVD

Volume I: Octave Types and Tests

Rick Baldassin, RPT - 2015

A DVD companion to the 2008 edition of Rick Baldassin's book On Pitch. Includes valuable aural demonstrations of the examples included in the book, combined with animated graphics and instruction, that helps you learn what to listen for when using test intervals to tune octaves and how to tune one's ear to the relevant partials. Covers chapters 1-4 of the book. Approximately 40 minutes.

Piano Tuning

A Simple and Accurate Method for Amateurs

J. Cree Fischer - 1975

A simple approach to tuning for beginners.

Piano Tuning and the Allied Arts

William Braid White  - 1946

The classic old time book about tuning and basic piano repair and service. This was the Bible of piano tuning for many years.

Piano Tuning for Beginners

Dennis Kurk, RPT - 1993

A small book for beginners covering the basics of piano tuning.

Pianos Inside Out

A Comprehensive Guide to Piano Tuning, Repairing, and Rebuilding

Mario Igrec - 2013

An in-depth look at the history, design, and maintenance of the piano, and provides practical, step-by-step guidance to anyone who wants to learn how to tune, repair, regulate, voice, rebuild, or improve the action performance of pianos.

Professional Piano Tuning

Walter Dean Howell - 1966


Scientific Piano Tuning and Servicing

Alfred H. Howe - 1941

One of the earlier books about aural tuning and piano service.

The Art of Tuning

Claude Montal (Translated by Fred Sturm, RPT - 2014)

Claude Montal's "The Art of Tuning" is the first comprehensive text on piano tuning, construction, and repair ever written. Published by the Piano Technicians Guild Foundation.

The Seventh Dragon

The Riddle of Equal Temperament

Anita T. Sullivan - 2005

A veteran piano tuner presents a non-technical, literary view of the quixotic tuning system used on keyboard instruments for hundreds of years. Winner of the Western States Book Award for creative non-fiction in 1986, newly updated with illustrations, index, bibliography.

Under the Lid

The Art & Craft of the Concert Piano Technician

Stephen H. Brady, RPT - 2008

Covers Concert Prep, Tuning, Voicing, Regulation, Tone Regulating, and many special subjects such as arranging pianos on stage and tuning multiple pianos together.

Design & Construction

Longitudinal Modes In Piano Strings

James F. Ellis, RPT - 2006

A detailed description of observation, study, research and experimentation into the mechanisms that excite longitudinal modes in piano strings. Also includes practical methods for reducing longitudinal ringing. 78 pages, spiral-bound.

The Making of a Steinway Concert Grand

James Barron - 2005


A Noble Art

Three Lectures on the Evolution And Construction of the Piano

Fanny Morris Smith - 2005



New Grove Musical Instrument Series

Philip Belt - 1988


The Piano - Its Acoustics

W. V McFerrin - 1972

A scientific study of piano design and design principles. Scale design.

The Piano Key and Whippen

Walter Pfeiffer - 1967

A highly technical book translated from German. This book does a mathematical analysis of action geometry and action designs.


Piano Tone Building

Del Fandrich, RPT   

A 2006 updated, redesigned version of the classic reference on the elements of piano tone. Based on discussions of piano building that took place from 1916 through 1919, this book was created to document these meetings between piano manufacturers, suppliers and technical experts. In addition to the technical community--manufacturers, engineers and piano technicians--Piano Tone Building will intrigue everyone whose interest in the piano goes beyond banging out a few tunes on the family upright.

Theory and Practice in Piano Construction

William Braid White - 1975


Treatise on the Art of Pianoforte Construction

Samuel Wolfenden - 1984


A comprehensive book about all aspects of designing and building a piano. From plate design to string scaling this book lays out the principles that have lasted for years.



Cembalobau/Harpsichord Contruction

Martin Skowroneck 

The German Harpsichord maker Martin Skowroneck is one of the pioneers of historical instrument building. The study and restoration of original instruments has led him to attempt to recover many of the working methods of the old masters. Based on his own practical experience, this book focuses on many important aspects of building in the historical manner. His construction principles, working methods and the selection of materials are explained in depth and rounded off with numerous tips from the craftsman's workshop. 270 pages. 24 plates. Text in English and German.

De Clavicordio Volume VI

Proceedings of the International Clavichord Symposium

Various - 1995

Harpsichord Clearing House is the exclusive representative in the United States for this series of important books, each volume well illustrated and full of articles by leading scholars, builders and performers.

The Harpsichord Clearing House

This site has many books about harpsichords including many out of print and hard to find books.

The Harpsichord Owner's Guide 

Edward L. Kottick 

A clear, concise, up-to-date guide to buying, maintaining, and tuning this instrument that includes a short history and discussion of the different types of harpsichord and their use in different kinds of music. Paperback

A History of the Harpsichord

This richly illustrated volume traces 600 years of harpsichord design and construction.

Edward L. Kottick - 2003

A History of the Harpsichord brings together for the first time more than 200 photographs, illustrations, and drawings of harpsichords in public museums and private collections throughout Europe and the United States. Edward L. Kottick draws on his extensive technical knowledge and experience as a harpsichord builder to detail the changing design, structure, and acoustics of the instrument over six centuries. The book is clothbound and comes with an accompanying audio CD featuring performances on many of the instruments discussed.

Playing the Harpsichord Expressively

Mark Kroll   

Mark Kroll has a written a book to teach the art of expressive harpsichord playing to those who have had some experience on the instrument, and also to pianists and organists who want to play this repertoire on the instrument for which it was composed. Presented together with quotes from the most important primary sources on the instrument, the book contains more than 100 musical examples in an easily accessible format and an extensive bibliography.

Historical Tunings

Historical Tuning of Keyboard Instruments

Robert Chuckrow, Ph.D.   

Learn the essential concepts necessary to understand historical tunings. Chapter topics include: About Vibrations, The Pythagorean System of Tuning, Tuning the Pythagorean Scale, Just Tuning, Equal Temperament, Intervals, Cents, and Commas, Meantone Temperament, and Well Temperament. Very little knowledge of music theory or mathematics is required to appreciate this book. 74 pages.


How Music Became a Battleground for the Great Minds of Western Civilization

Stuart Isacoff - 2003

With the existing literature tending to bog down in mathematical theory or historical tuning methods, Isacoff bravely attempts to make this seemingly arcane topic interesting to the general reader. He distills the mathematics and music theory into their simplest essences, and draws apt analogies from the everyday. He also generously peppers the text with the quirks and escapades of its more flamboyant central characters; the relevance of the information is often tenuous at best, but Isacoff has obviously done his homework, and he can be forgiven some frivolity.

A handbook for tuning harpsichords and fortepianos, with tuning techniques and tables

Owen Jorgensen, RPT - 1981

This is Mr. Jorgensen's small book of many of the most useful historical temperaments and directions for tuning them.


Containing the Perfection of 18th Century Temperament, the Lost Art of 19th Century Temper

Owen Jorgensen, RPT - 1991

An enormous book containing directions for tuning historical temperaments both by ear and using electronic equipment. This book is the granddaddy of books with nearly every conceiveable historical tuning. Out of print and difficult to find.

Tuning the Historical Temperaments by Ear

A manual of eighty-nine methods for tuning fifty-one scales on the harpsichord, piano, and

Owen Jorgensen, RPT - 1977

The first of Mr. Jorgensen's books with directions for tuning historical temperaments. Out of print and difficult to find.



Anatole and the Piano

Eve Titus - 1990

Anatole, the conductor of the Mouse Symphony Orchestra, travels deep inside a grand piano to solve a perplexing problem. Pre-school level

Arthur Plays the Blues

A Marc Brown Arthur Chapter Book 29

Marc Brown - 2003

Arthur has a new piano teacher, the reknowned Dr. Fugue. After his teacher "fires" him, Arthur needs to decide how much he wants to learn to play the piano -- and then tries to win back his teacher.

Blind Boone - Piano Prodigy

A Biography

Madge Harrah - 2003

An introduction to the remarkably gifted but no longer widely known African-American pianist. Age 9-12

The Cat Who Loved Mozart

Patricia Austin, Henri Sorensen (Illustrator) - 2001

The music of Mozart creates a special friendship between a girl and her new pet. Ages 4-8

Gus and Grandpa and the Piano Lesson

Claudia Mills, Catherine Stock (Illustrator) - 2004

Gus has a hard time with his piano lessons until Grandpa shows him how to get the music in his fingers. Ages 4-8

Henry the Steinway and the Piano Recital

Sally Coveleskie, Peter Goodrich, Laura Friedman - 2002

It's almost time for the yearly recital in the big hall, but poor Ana just isn't ready. She keeps forgetting the notes and the rhythm--it doesn't seem as if she can play at all. Her teacher says practice, practice, practice, but Ana doesn't think that will help. And then. HER PIANO SPEAKS TO HER! "My name is Henry. Henry the Steinway," he says so kindly. And, with his help, Ana knows she can learn to make beautiful music! A gentle story that will stimulate youngsters' imaginations--and encourage children to reach for their goals, no matter how far away they seem.

Henry the Steinway Tours the World

Sally Coveleskie, Peter Goodrich, Laura Friedman (Illustrator) - 2005

Summer is here and Ana and HENRY THE STEINWAY are about to embark on a great adventure! Ana's father, the famous concert pianist, is taking them an exciting world tour, to premier new music written by his friend and composer Grace. Ana, along with her best friend, Lily, travel to Buenos Aires, Paris, London, Tokyo, Hamburg and Los Angeles.

La Leçon de piano de madame butterfly

Susanne Janssen - 2000

L'auteur se remémore les leçons de piano chez madame Butterfly: les pianos partout, l'excentrique musicienne, la pizza qu'elle faisait, etc. Un portrait originale et des illustrations singulières, avec du mouvement et en plongée.

The Living Piano

Barrie Carson Turner - 1998

Provides background on the instrument's history and how it is made and played, biographies of 10 composers, a brief gallery of great musicians and an index. All Ages


Tricia Tusa - 1986

Miranda loves to play Bach, Haydn, and Mozart - until the day she discovers boogie-woogie, a day her family quickly regrets. Ages 4-8

Mozart Finds a Melody

Stephen Costanza - 2004

Ages 4-8

Mr. Silver and Mrs. Gold

Dale Borman Fink, Shirley Chan - 1980

Two old people become friends and share many activities together. The piano plays a big part in this.

Mrs. Merriwether`s Musical Cat

Carol Purdy - 1997

A cat named Beethoven inspires the students of a dedicated music teacher to play their best. Ages 4-8

Music Box: The Story of Cristofori

Suzanne Guy, Donna Lacy - 1998


My Friend the Piano

Catherine Cowan, Kevin Hawkes (Illustrator) - 1998

Ages 4-8

Nana Hannah`s Piano

Barbara Bottner, Diana Cain Bluthenthal (Illustrator)   1996

When Nana Hannah twists her ankle and needs cheering up, her grandson moves in for a week and is inspired to learn a song and discovers that maybe there is more to life than baseball. Ages 4-8

Nate the Great and the Musical Note

Marjorie Sharmat, Craig Sharmat - 1991

Miniature detective Nate the Great has yet another case to solve. Rosamond turns a phone message from Pip's mother into a music lesson with a secret meaning and Nate steps in to solve the mystery. Ages 4-8

Now I love music practice

Ron Ottley   

I think the only way a reluctant student will become an enthusiastic student is for them to have a change of heart. They need to experience a fundamental change in their attitude. They need an emotional experience or an emotional involvement that will change the way they think about music and practicing. The desire to learn and the willingness to practice has to come from within them. In short, they need to be inspired.

The Piano - What in the World

Nick Healy - 2005


A Piano for Julie

Eleanor Schick - 1984

A young girl and her father search for the perfect piano. Pre-school

Piano with a Soul

Richard Krzys, Ann Hewitt (Contributor), Jan Strock (Illustrator), David Byrne (Illustrator) - 2003

Anxious to honor her mother's memory by learning to play Beethoven's "Für Elise" on the piano, Elise soon discovers that the instrument her grandmother has purchased has a soul of its own. Ages 4-8

Pianos from Start to Finish

Made in the USA

Stephen Currie, Kathy Mclaughlin (Illustrator) - 2006

Pick up your special visitor's pass and come along on a tour of the Steinway piano factory in Queens, New York! Find out how pianos are made, from treating the wood to installing the strings to final tuning. You'll never look at pianos in the same way again!

Polly and the Piano

Carol Montparker - 2004

Polly is a dog who becomes involved in her owner's desire to play a piano concert at Carnegie. The story is told by Polly from her perspective. Polly's "most unusual doghouse in the world" is under the piano, where she is close up to her owner giving piano lessons and practicing Bach, Mozart, and Brahms in the hope of appearing in Carnegie Hall one day.

Two Piano Tuners

M.B. Goffstein - 1970

To Debbie Weinstock, an alert and persistent little girl, the sound of a piano being tuned by a good piano tuner is better than any kind of music. Her grandfather, Reuben Weinstock, is the best piano tuner in the world. But above all he is a good man and Debbie is determined to be just like him.


Novels about Pianos

Search Amazon for novels about pianos.

Piano Girl

A Memoir

Robin Meloy Goldsby - 2006

Piano Girl is the story of a young woman’s accidental career as a cocktail lounge piano player. This entertaining memoir provides a glimpse into the comedies, tragedies, and mundane miracles witnessed from the business side of the eighty-eights. Showing how she had connected with people she has met while touring the world, Robin Goldsby is full of insights into the art of piano playing as well as inspiring life lessons. Piano Girl shows that anything can happen as people wander through Robin’s real-time soundtrack to life.

The Piano Teacher

Elfriede Jelinek - 2002

A brilliant and uncompromising tale of sexuality and violence set in modern Vienna

The Piano Tuner

Daniel Mason - 2002

 A novel about a British piano tuners trip to Burma.

General Interest

88 Keys

The Making of a Steinway Piano

Miles Chapin - 2006

This handsome volume takes you inside the process of building a Steinway, from the selection of the woods through the construction of the soundboard and keyboard, from the manufacture of the piano's rim and case through the building of the metal harp that holds the strings, and to the final assembly and finishing. Along the way are sections on history and physics (good tone doesn't just happen) and a useful glossary.

The Art of the Piano

Its Performers, Literature and Recordings

David Dubal - 2005


But You Can Feel It

Emil B. Fries, RPT - 1980

Here is the life story of Emil B. Fries, from his boyhood in a log cabin, through his struggles for education, to international recognition in vocational training of the visually impaired in piano technology. Many photos.

Dear Doctor Piano

Ken Burton, RPT - 1993

A humorous look at a piano tuners life. Answers to questions posed to a piano tuner over year of service. Dispells some of the common myths.

Forever Music

A Tribute to the Gift of Creativity

Edith Schaeffer - 1986

A story of a pianist, a piano, and a piano technician.

Grand Obsession: A Piano Odyssey

A Piano Odyssey

Perri Knize - 2008

One woman's search for the perfect piano sound.

My Favorite Intermissions

Lives of the Musical Greats, and Other Facts you Never Knew You Were Missing

Victor Borge (Author), Robert Sherman (Author), Thomas Winding (Illustrator) - 1971


Notes of a Piano Tuner

Denele Pitts Campbell, RPT - 1998

While servicing pianos in the back road of the Arkansas Ozarks, Campbell relates her musings on the people and the work.

The Piano

A Piano Technicians Guide for the Piano Owner

Phil Gurlik, RPT - 1985

This book was written by a piano technician (Phil Gurlik, RPT) for his clients, to teach them about the instrument they love and cherish, and inform them about the services available from their piano technician to protect and enhance the value and playability of their piano. Now in its Fourth Edition, it includes update additions by Randy Potter, RPT, as well.

Piano Lessons

Music, Love, and True Adventures

Noah Adams - 1997

The difference between the piano lessons Noah Adams took and the ones most of us took was that he was 51, not 7, and -- lucky Noah -- his mother didn't make him practice. This is not only a delightful account of his twelve-month nose-to-the-grindstone attempt to learn to play the $11,000 Steinway he bought on a whim, but also the story of his many-year process of falling in love with music and its history.

Piano Nomenclature

Asian Edition

Schimmel - 1998

This practical guide for identifying piano parts includes vocabulary in four languages: English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese Taipei. Based on the original Piano Nomenclatur by Nikolaus Schimmel H.K. Herzog, the Asian version includes the same charts, vocabulary and numbers as the European language version. 64 pages. Softcover. Limited quantities available.

Piano related magazines

Amazon offers a selection of piano related magazine subscriptions.

The Piano Shop on the Left Bank

Discovering a Forgotten Passion in a Paris Atelier

Thad Carhart - 2002

A delightful story of a reporters encounter with quirky piano rebuilders in Paris.


N. Schimmel - 1983

This is a reference book with pictures of piano parts and their names in German-English-French-Italian-Norwegian-Spanish. An important reference for dealing with technical literature in many languages.


The Making of a Steinway Concert Grand

James Barron - 2006


Pianos Piano Tuners and Their Problems

George W. Booth - 1996


Reprints about Pianos from Music Trades Magazine

Amazon has many reprints from Music Trades magazine about many different subjects.

A Romance on Three Legs

Glenn Gould's Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano

Katie Hafner - 2008

“This book is about the oldest human intoxicant, the quest for perfection. Katie Hafner describes in fascinating detail the entire human apparatus—teachers, tuners, piano builders, sound engineers, impresarios—that made possible Glenn Gould's singular art. With the narrative force of fiction she explores the uncertain territory where unbridled artistic imagination meets the limits of an instrument, and shows us the emotional costs.”—Thad Carhart, author of The Piano Shop on the Left Bank

String Around My Finger

Rolland Stiefel, RPT - 1985 

The life story filled with faith of leading piano tuner, Rolland Stiefel and his life of faith and music. Rolland was a long time member of PTG.

The Wonders of the Piano

The Anatomy of the Instrument

Catherine C. Bielefeldt - 1984


Tone Deaf and All Thumbs?

An invitation to music making for late bloomers and non-prodigies

Frank R. Wilson - 1987

Wilson is a neurologist who starting playing the piano later in life. He discusses how the brain learns and why