Piano Technicians Journal

Piano Technicians Journal

The Piano Technicians Journal is a monthly technical magazine covering all phases of working on pianos. Articles explore new tools, industry news and organizational issues. Feature articles range from setting up a repair shop to rebuilding techniques.

The Journal is the only monthly publication dedicated to piano technology. Call 913-432-9975 for subscription information. A Journal subscription is included with an annual PTG membership.

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Complete sets of back issues available on DVD & CD-ROM. 

Do You Collect Journals or Magazines?

We are looking for missing issues of several old magazines and journals. Paul Brown is working on digitizing these documents so that they can be preserved and viewed online.

They are all pre-1950 issues of the American Guild of Piano Tuners (AGT), National Association of Piano Tuners (NAPT) "The Tuner's Journal," and the American Society of Piano Technicians (ASPT).

Please see the list of missing issues below. Please contact PTG or Paul Brown directly if you have any of these publications.

NAPT "Tuners Journal" Missing Issues

  • Sept, Oct & Dec 1930
  • Aug, Sept, Oct, & Dec 1931
  • Oct, Nov and Dec 1932
  • Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 1933
  • Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, July, Aug, Dec 1934
  • Mar, Apr, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Dec 1935
  • Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Nov 1936
  • Feb, Mar, Apr, Sep, Nov, 1937
  • Nov, Dec 1943
  • Jan, Feb, Jun, Jul, Aug, Nov 1944
  • Jan, Feb, Mar (incomplete) Apr, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct (incomplete), Nov, Dec 1945
  • Jan, May, Sep, 1946

Notes for the Journal on CD-ROM

Past issues of the Piano Technicians Journal and selected reprints are available by calling 913-432-9975.

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Article Submission

To be considered for publication in the Piano Technicians Journal, please contact our Editor at editor@ptg.org or use the online submission form.

Sample Articles

November 2000 - Piano Plate Issue

December 2002 - Reflections on a Year With Cristofori 

June 2005 - New Piano Prep

April 2014 - Journal Example