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    RE: Twist and Shout!

    Scott, I wrote a short PTJ article a few years ago describing how I have turned bass strings for over 30 years. I untwist them several turns, then give them an extra full or half twist and reinstall them.  I typically do every other ...

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    Twist and Shout!

    I have rediscovered the amazing results that can come from twisting bass strings! Had a customer that was gifted an old Pease baby grand. It tuned up fine but the bass was really tubby. Checked the bridge and it seemed to be ...


  • Thank you, Ed. I'll schedule a time to have a closer look. ------------------------------ Barbara Richmond, RPT Bloomington, Illinois ------------------------------

  • Thanks, for the  information, Fred! Yeah, I haven't gotten enough details  about what they are experiencing. I'll talk with her some more. ------------------------------ Barbara Richmond, RPT Bloomington, Illinois -------------- ...

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    RE: Z-box soundboard

    I agree with Ed about the soundboard. With respect to " it doesn't stay in tune," in what context? Harpsichords will typically move 100+ in response to seasonal RH changes, and easily 50 very rapidly in response to temperature ...

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    RE: Z-box soundboard

    It is possible to shim a harpsichord soundboard, but the cracks are probably more of a cosmetic problem than an acoustic problem. I would not be in a hurry to assume the tuning instability was caused by the cracked soundboard. My first ...