Puzzles & Activities

Puzzles & Coloring Pages

Keyboard Puzzles - A lesson that helps young students learn the arrangements of piano keys.

Piano Parts Word Search - Puzzles for elementary and middle school levels, reproducible.

Pianos Through the Ages - Learn about the history of pianos by completing a word search puzzle. Middle school age and up.

Origami Piano - Fold your own 3-D vertical piano, reproducible.

Grand Piano Art - Cut, fold and glue your own miniature grand piano. PDF includes full-color, detailed pieces and instructions. From Accoutrements.

Piano Activity Placemat - Print out your own on 8-1/2" x 14" paper, reproducible.

Coloring Pages - Sample pages from the PTG coloring book; preschool and early elementary levels, reproducible.


Quick and Easy Musical Games - Adapt games kids already know to reinforce and enhance music lessons.

Follow the Music Game - Get the wiggles out while learning common music directions.

Piano Baseball - Turn learning into fun when students compete to see who knows the most about the piano.

Play It, Don't Say It Card Game - Put your knowledge of tempo, dynamics and articulation terms, symbols and marks to work.

Express Yourself - Activities to help your students learn and practice working with tempo, dynamics and articulation terms, symbols and marks.

Test Your Piano IQ Worksheet - Elementary and middle school levels, reproducible.