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Organs & Historical Keyboards

American Theatre Organ Society

Claviers Baroques - Builders and technicians for harpsichords, clavichords, spinets, virginals, fortepianos and other historical keyboard instruments. Located in Toronto, ON Canada

Musical Instrument Technicians Association
MITA is an Association of Worldwide Professional Technicians Organized to Improve the Electronic Music Service Industry

German Organs from the Black Forest (Jäger und Brommer)

The Harpsichord Clearing House - contains the most comprehensive inventory of early keyboard instruments for sale in North America. HCH has been building and brokering since 1969, and, today, represents instruments from virtually every builder. Also carries books about harpsichords.

Jäger und Brommer (Kirchenorgel)

Keyboard Exchange International 
Hammond Organs 

Lautenwerke and Harpsichords by Steven Sørli

Organ Historical Society

Robert Morley and Co., Ltd.
Pianoforte and Harpsichord Makers

Rodgers Instruments

Rodgers Organ Users Group

Theaterseatstore.com/theater-organ The Theater Organ: Then and Now

Charles Wolff
Clavichord Maker, Kits and parts

Zuckermann Harpsichords International