Educational Resources

PTG Digital Resources

  • Journal Media Files - View files that support articles in the Piano Technicians Journal.
  • PTG YouTube Channel - Visit our YouTube channel for an archive of videos we have created to display bonus material tied to issues of the Piano Technicians Journal. While we have the files here listed by Journal Issue, this YouTube channel will serve as an archive for the videos we create.
  • Piano Technicians Journal - Digital - The Piano Technicians Journal is a monthly technical magazine covering all phases of working on pianos. Monthly articles explore new tools, industry news and organizational issues. Feature articles range from setting up a repair shop to rebuilding techniques.The Journal is the only monthly publication dedicated to piano technology.

PTG Technical Resources

  • Pianotech - A forum for anyone who wants to discuss technical issues. Connect to hundreds of other technicians around the world. Search the Pianotech archives for helpful technical information.
  • YouTube Videos from Ron Koval - Ron Koval, member of the Chicago chapter, has made a number of short technical videos on piano technology and has posted them to YouTube. Topics include: tuning, pitch raising, voicing, string replacement, string splicing, and more.
  • Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Ivory & Regulatory Issues

Outside Technical Resources

The following are links to outside sources and are not created by PTG itself. We have found that these sites have useful information, but PTG does not endorse or sponsor the information contained in external links.