Who We Are

The Piano Technicians Guild is the world's premier source of expertise in piano service and technology. We represent more than 100 years of collective knowledge, over 3,300 global members and the industry's only recognized piano service certification program, the Registered Piano Technician.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the industry's highest possible standards by

  • Providing members with every opportunity for professional development
  • Recognizing and promoting technical competence through examinations
  • Advancing the interests of each of our members

The title of Registered Piano Technician (RPT) must be earned by passing a series of rigorous examinations. Members who have not yet passed the RPT examinations can take advantage of our extensive educational offerings in preparation for taking the RPT exams, and may advertise membership.

The industry's latest breakthroughs and innovations are also offered at our regional and local seminars and annual conventions.

Welcoming Statement

The Piano Technicians Guild welcomes and supports all individuals who qualify for membership. We are committed to fostering and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI). Our organizational commitment to DEI aligns with our culture of treating everyone with respect and dignity.

The Guild's DEI initiatives are applicable, but not limited, to our practices and policies on professional development and training, which are built on:

  • Respectful communication. 
  • An environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, and bullying. 
  • A culture that is inclusive and embraces individual differences. 
  • An organization that attracts, supports, and retains a diverse range of talented and committed individuals.

PTG Code Of Ethics

In order to promote the highest standards of professional conduct of Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) members, and to foster a relationship of trust between PTG members and their clients, this Code of Ethics constitutes the standards for which each member will be held accountable, and to which each member agrees upon joining PTG. 

  1. I will act honorably and in a professional manner.
  2. I will uphold the principles of honesty and integrity for which the PTG stands.
  3. I will represent my education, training, experience, and area of expertise honestly and accurately.
  4. I will uphold the Mission Statement, Bylaws, and Organizational Policies of the PTG.
  5. I will render the best possible service under the circumstances, always keeping the best interests of my client in mind.
  6. I will use the name and trademarks of the PTG properly and will encourage others to do the same.
  7. I will strive to upgrade my professional skills and I will encourage and help others to do the same.
  8. I will promote goodwill towards my profession and towards the music industry.
  9. I will engage only in business practices that are in accord with the antitrust guidelines as set forth by the PTG.

Current Bylaws - 1/2024

Current Organizational Polices - 1/2024

Our History

Attempts to organize piano tuners and technicians began in Chicago during the Columbian Exposition of 1893 with the founding of the National Tuners Association. This organization was short-lived, as was a similar group founded in New York during 1904.

On January 9, 1910, a group of four technicians, Julian Elliott Diez, Albert Endress, Basil Britain Wilson and William Braid White, formed an organization known as the American Guild of Piano Tuners (AGPT). Its first meeting was in June of that year and attracted 50 technicians from around the United States. It continued to grow, reaching a membership of nearly 2,000 and was instrumental in the establishment of A-440 as standard pitch.

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