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If you are going to aim for the highest possible standard,
you deserve to get a return on your investment.

The PIANO TECHNICIANS GUILD has spent the past 60+ years promoting the highest possible standard for piano service and helping people from all kinds of backgrounds advance their skills in this trade through relationships, community, and certification.

Joining the PTG is easy:
1. Decide to set your internal bar high.
2. Find a mentor and easily build relationships.
3. Quickly grow the career of your dreams.

Don't get stuck in a job you despise! 
Piano technology is a challenging and deeply fulfilling career path.

More than 75 percent of PTG members list education and ongoing professional development as the biggest reason for joining the organization. 94 percent of PTG members say they are highly satisfied with piano technology as a career.”
2016 PTG Survey

Piano technology training

You can easily go from someone who knows nothing about piano technology to
someone who is a Registered Piano Technician and a master of their craft.