Committees & Task Groups

Communications Task Group


2.2            Member Communications: Continue to advance helpful communications to and from membership through PTG.   

2.2.1         E-news: continue to improve the use/benefit of E-news.

2.2.2         Social Media Communication Platforms: Review and improve the multiple platforms used for member communication.

2.2.3         Website: Improve our website capabilities/Platform to meet our communication objectives.

2.2.4         Metrics: Improve reporting on our multiple platforms for sharing with appropriate members.

2.2.5         Online Chat/Support: Investigate the feasibility of offering some kind of online help/chat support for members.

  • In reference to 2.2.3, suggest improvements to website capabilities/Platform to meet our communication objectives.
  • Evaluate all flagged posts on PTG online communities and process accordingly. 
  • The chair shall submit a written report to the Home Office 45-days prior to any regular Board meeting or as requested.


Torger Baland, RPT, Chair

Benjamin Sanchez, RPT

Lucas Brookins, RPT

Jeannie Grassi, RPT

Wesley Hardman, RPT

Brandon Robertson, RPT

Barb Cassaday, Home Office

Clint Sears, Home Office

David Stoneman, RPT, Board Liaison

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