Committees & Task Groups

GAR 37 Instructors Task Group

Mission Statement

To create an online education portal that serves the needs of piano technicians.


See PTG Organizational Policies

a.  There should be a minimum of three (3) teams of two (2) instructors at all times. Current instructors should locate, obtain consent and recommend to the Board, additional instructors when openings become available or additional personnel are needed. [16-045]

b.  The Board shall be responsible for interviewing and appointing all instructors. [16-045]

  • Develop and implement an ongoing maintenance and replacement plan for pianos used in the Home Office for exams and classes, and report to the Executive Committee.


Charles Cook, RPT

Ward Guthrie, RPT

Elizabeth Ward, RPT

David Vanderlip, RPT

Kathy Smith, RPT

Kathy Maxwell, Home Office

Jim Fariss, RPT, Board Liaison

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