Bylaws Committee


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“This committee shall serve to counsel any chapter or committee member wishing to amend the Bylaws and Organizational Policies and present to the PTG Board of Directors at the proper time any resolutions to amend, together with their recommendations to adopt or reject, with full reasons assigned.  The chair of this committee shall serve as parliamentarian in the absence of a professional parliamentarian.”

  • Present to the PTG Board of Directors all proposals received prior to the deadline for Board action in accordance with Bylaws requirements.
  • Review current Bylaws and propose recommended changes to the PTG Board of Directors.
  • Review all proposals for conflicts within existing Bylaws and Organizational Policies and, if found, prepare conforming proposal(s) for consideration by the Board.
  • Report on progress to the PTG Board of Directors upon request.


Allan Gilreath, RPT, Chair
Patrick Draine, RPT
Richard Capp, RPT
Michael Carlin, RPT
Alexis Haneline
Ricki Klōs, RPT, Board Liaison (ex-officio)

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