Education Committee



Develop and charge a committee, driven by paid professional staff and consultants, plus volunteers, to design curriculum and recommend the next generation of programs for PTG, in alignment with PTG strategic plan.



See PTG Organizational Policies

This committee shall: 

a............... Coordinate the efforts and projects of the various education-based committees and educational offerings of PTG. 

b............... Develop articles and materials needed for a complete curriculum to teach the core competencies of Piano Technology. 

c............... Work with the Journal Editor to recruit authors to write articles that augment and support the curriculum needs.

d............... Work with the Home Office, Online Education Task Group, Institute Team and other committees to identify ways to deliver educational material effectively. 

e............... Report to the Board of Directors as requested. 




1.1            Curriculum & Program Development/ Implementation: Ensure that we have well-researched curriculum, that meets our members’ needs, and remains well-curated.

1.1.1         Needs Assessment: Conduct a robust needs assessment to identify future direction for education curriculum development.     Programs Assessment:  Conduct programs assessment to determine future direction. (Utilize information gathered in 12/18-1/19 for strategic planning project on Programs/Services Assessment.)     External Research: Research what else is available to offer.     Future Needs: Survey potential future programs that would help with member retention/recruitment.  (Keep in mind technical as well as leadership development.)


Andrea Hackbarth, Chair

Mike Reiter, RPT

Jeannie Grassi, RPT

Rick Butler, RPT

Ed Sutton, RPT

Fred Sturm, RPT

Emily Townsend, RPT

Kathy Maxwell, Home Office

George W. R. “Bill” Davis, RPT, Board Liaison

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