Education Committee


  • Develop and launch a PTG Mentorship Program for members.
  • Continue to expand online Education Hub - Guide to Piano Technology Resources.
  • Strategic Plan Charges:
1.1.3 Develop Phased Curriculum Plan:  Develop a full curriculum plan, with a process based upon best-practices in curriculum development.
1.1.4 Develop Programs:  Per the Curriculum Plan, develop programs in a phased/prioritized manner. Include a variety of learning methods per 1.1.7.
1.1.7 Learning Methods:  Promote a variety of learning methods, which offer multiple ways for delivering training, that supports the content of our Curriculum Plan and Programs.

  • Report to the Board of Directors.


George W. R. “Bill” Davis, RPT, Chair

Jason Cassel, RPT

Andrea Hackbarth, RPT

Roy Howard

Kenneth Jeffs, RPT

Jason Kanter

Corbin Sturch

Fred Sturm RPT

Kathy Maxwell, Home Office

Aaron Heppler, Co-Board Liaison

Michael Gutowski, Co-Board Liaison

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