Ethics Committee


See PTG Organizational Policies

The duties of this committee shal include:

  1. Conducting investigations and, as necessary, serving as a hearing body concerning conduct of individual members who may have violated the PTG Code of Ethics.
  2. Acting as an advisory body, rendering opinions on the ramifications of contemplated actions by individual members in terms of the provisions of the PTG Code of Ethics and the provisions of Regulations, Article VII – Disciplinary Procedure.
  3. Performing all duties and obligations as described by the PTG Disciplinary Procedure in an unbiased, fair, impartial, and unprejudiced manner.
  4. Submitting articles to the PTJ on a regular basis to educate the current membership as to the correct use of the PTG name and emblems.
  5. Assisting in the preparation of information for new members to aid them in the proper use of the PTG name, logos and emblems.
  6. Acting as a board of review, with the authority to judge the propriety of specific cases of questionable use of the PTG name and emblems in any such cases as may be brought to them by any PTG member or staff member. A yearly report of any such actions shall be presented to the PTG Board of Directors, which shall retain final authority.
  7. Formulating Internal Rules and Procedures designed to facilitate the expeditious, fair, discreet, and impartial handling of all complaints or matters brought before it. The Rules and Procedures, and any subsequent deletions, additions, or amendments thereto, shall be subject to approval by the PTG Board of Directors in legal session.

•  Report on progress to the PTG Board of Directors upon request. 


Larry Fine, RPT, Chair, 619-738-4155
Malinda Powell, RPT, Vice-Chair
Amy Tiernan, RPT
Steve George, RPT
Doug Kirkwood, RPT
Charles Maddox, RPT, Alt
Hillary York, RPT, Alt
Ruth Van Dine, RPT, Alt
Matthew K. Smith, Alt

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