Marketing Committee



2.2       Member Communications: Continue to advance helpful communications to and from membership through PTG.

2.2.2    Social Media Communication Platforms: Review and improve the multiple platforms used for member communication.

4.1       Member Recruitment Marketing Plan:  Develop and implement a marketing plan that focuses on growing membership by targeting marketing efforts to non-member technicians as well as other potential members.

4.1.2    Marketing Plan: Review and finalize drafted Marketing Plan that includes “Member Recruitment Campaign” and other ongoing marketing efforts, and position plan for successful implementation.
4.1.3    Plan Implementation: Develop a process for implementation and oversight, to ensure that the plan is implemented as designed, including ongoing marketing efforts.
4.1.4    Evaluation & Improvement: Continue to monitor impact/results of marketing efforts and adjust plan as needed.
  • Develop marketing and promotion of the Annual Convention and Institute.
  • Report on progress to the PTG Board of Directors upon request.


Chris LaBarre, RPT

Shawn Bruce, Home Office, Liaison

Ashley Turner, RPT, Board Liaison

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