Members' Rights Committee


 See PTG Organizational Policies

  1. This Committee shall consist of three (3) members elected at the annual Council session.
  2. Each region shall select one candidate from among the region’s members.
  3. Names of nominees shall be presented to the Council for election to the committee. The three (3) nominees receiving the greatest number of votes shall serve for one (1) year. The nominee receiving the greatest number of votes shall be named chair of the committee.  Tie votes shall be broken by any suitable method approved by Council.
  4. Those nominees receiving the fourth through seventh highest number of votes shall be designated as alternate committee members in order of the number of votes received. They shall be required to fill any vacancy. The number of members actively serving on the Members’ Rights Committee shall be three (3) at all times.
  5. The Committee shall perform all duties and obligations described by the PTG Disciplinary Procedure in an unbiased, fair, impartial and unprejudiced manner. To this end it shall:
    1. Study the problems of those who submit grievances to the committee.
    2. Consider the opinions of aggrieved parties and advise them of their rights under the prevailing circumstances.
    3. Make certain that every member receives and enjoys all due rights and privileges.
    4. Make certain that no member who requests adjudication is denied a courteous and constitutionally proper hearing.
    5. Ascertain all facts pertinent to any grievance brought to its attention.
    6. Be certain that full factual knowledge pertinent to all matters under consideration is made known to all parties concerned.
  6. Aggrieved members or chapters presenting a complaint through the Members’ Rights Committee shall provide copies to all individuals or PTG subordinate bodies against whom it is directed. The complaint and all its copies shall cite all points of the grievance in the greatest possible detail and list all desired remedies. The Members’ Rights Committee shall not act on the complaint until all parties receive their copies.

  • Carry out duties as prescribed in Bylaws and Organizational Policy. 
  • Review and update the Members’ Rights Procedural Handbook and submit to the PTG Board of Directors. 
  • Report on progress to the PTG Board of Directors.

Current Bylaws and Organizational Policies.


Wim Blees, RPT, Chair

Ed McMorrow, RPT

Richard Bittner, RPT

Bruce Orr, RPT

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