Teacher Relations Committee


See PTG Organizational Policies 

“This committee shall serve to develop joint initiatives with organizations of music teachers to promote music education for the mutual benefit of the PTG and of their members. It shall seek to foster understanding of piano service and maintenance issues among music teachers through developing educational programs for presentation to teachers’ groups by PTG members.” ?

  • Identify what professional qualities have enabled members to be exceptionally successful with teachers.
  • Solicit articles for publication to MTNA and Registered Music Teachers Association of Canada. 
  • Assist in selection of a presenter from the PTG Board of Directors and/or members local to MTNA events for presentation of the PTG Teacher scholarship. 
  • Review and suggest updates for the Piano Learning Center area on the PTG website.
  • Identify additional music teaching organizations for development of potential relations.
  • Directly ask what classes teacher organizations would like presented to their members. 
  • Encourage members to interact with local and state teacher organizations. 
  • Coordinate with the home office for instructional presentations based upon the example posted in the Teacher Relations library
  • Report on progress to the PTG Board of Directors. 


Wesley Hardman, RPT, Chair 

Andrew DeFord

Debbie De Iorio, RPT

Skye Meadows Jenkins

Taylor Mackinnon, RPT

Kendall Hafermehl, RPT

Kathy Maxwell, Home Office, Liaison

Doug Garman, RPT, Board Liaison

Bill Davis, RPT, Board Co-Liaison

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