Examinations and Test Standards Committee


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  • Publicize the availability of exams and exam grants.
  • Monitor and facilitate all aspects of exams, including: the administration of the exams, the recertification process, preparing the examination classes and examination schedules for the PTG Convention, and continued establishment of test sites.
  • Review current exams for relevancy.
  • Review exam manuals and update as needed.
  • Screen and recommend certification and recertification of Certified Tuning Examiners, Certified Technical Examiners, and Authorized Written Examiners.
  • Prepare and submit a budget for allocation of resources for the Institute by September 1.
  • Review exam grant applications as received.
  • Update publications on How to Become a Written, Tuning, or Technical Examiner.
  • Report on progress to the PTG Board of Directors upon request.


    Atsundo Aikawa, RPT Chair, 646-325-6966

    Ricki Klōs, RPT, Board Co-Liaison

    Maria Pollock, RPT, Board Co-Liaison

    Technical Exam Sub Committee

    Michael Gutowski, Sub-Chair, 847-759-0369

    Region 1 –
    Region 2 – Rick Butler, RPT
    Region 3 – Steve Walthall, RPT
    Region 4 – Lucas Brookins, RPT
    Region 5 – 
    Region 6 – David Vanderlip, RPT
    Region 7 – Michael Lipnicki, RPT

    Mike Carraher, RPT, Advisor
    Keith Kopp. RPT, Advisor

    Tuning Exam Sub Committee

    Emily Townsend, RPT, Sub-Chair, 210-859-6882

    Region 1 – Debbie Cyr, RPT
    Region 2 – Nathan Mills, RPT
    Region 3 – Ricki Klos, RPT
    Region 4 – Doug Atkins, RPT
    Region 5 – Alan Crane, RPT
    Region 6 – Teri Meredyth, RPT
    Region 7 – Ryan Sowers, RPT

    Michael Travis, RPT, Advisor
    Jack Stebbins, RPT, Advisor

    Written Exam Sub Committee

    Robert Guenther, RPT, Chair (847-673-TUNE)

    Jenny Stokes, RPT
    Greg Cheng, RPT
    Bruce Dornfeld, RPT, Advisor

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