Become a Piano Technician

You shouldn't have to wonder if you would make a great piano technician!

The PIANO TECHNICIANS GUILD has spent the past 60+ years promoting the highest possible standard for piano service and helping people from all kinds of backgrounds advance their skills in this trade through relationships, community, and certification.

Becoming a piano technician is easy:
1. Watch our video on Becoming a Piano Technician.
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3. Grow the career of your dreams.

Don't get stuck in a job you despise!
“I love being a piano technician…and I love the freedom involved in making my own choices about how to run my business.”
Ashley Turner, RPT, Washington, D.C, Piano Technician since 2004
Hear Ashley’s story on why she’s a piano technician.

You can easily go from someone who knows nothing about piano technology to someone on their way to learning everything you need to know!

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