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Ivory & Regulatory Issues

Affecting Piano Technicians and the Piano Industry

Ivory Ban

New Federal rules regarding Ivory went into effect in July of 2016. PTG followed that process carefully and maintains a list of information and member resources online for 24/7 access.

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New regulations regarding the import and export of rosewood went into effect on January, 2, 2017. These new regulations will primarily impact importers and exporters of lumber and finished products, and expand special permit requirements for musical instruments crossing international borders.

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Stay Involved

As always, PTG members are encouraged to stay involved. One of the best ways to get information about what's happening in a particular state is to visit Scroll down to the lower left "National Legislative Search" and then select either a particular state or all states. You can search by generic keywords. We encourage you to talk to your legislators and support common sense legislation.

Please relay your experiences (good and bad) to Shawn Bruce at the PTG Home Office.

The Regulatory Issues area also serves as a site for future information about governmental regulations impacting piano technicians and the piano industry.